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Hi all,

Going bicycling has always been my favorite pastime. Doing it along with my kid is a great fun. So after buying a new bicycle, first thing I made is a baby seat. I first made it and then thought of publishing it here. So all images are of processed parts.

Step 1: Requirements

You need:

1. A Tub.I have used an old water filter tub. Its shape simply helped the project as no much cutting and shaping was required.

2.Clamps- a pair. I have used an old TV dish antenna clamps from my "just in case" storage.

3. Container lids- two of them.I have used paint can lids.

4. Nuts, bolts and washers.Numbers and sizes may vary depending upon clamps structure. but must be long enough.

5.Small cushion or pillow.

5. A piece of tire or rubber sheet.

6.Paint (Optional).

And a Bicycle of course...

Step 2: Cutting the Tub

Make marks on the tub and Cut it according to the size and shape to fit your child. The tub I used is perfect for this purpose in shape and height.

I used hot knife to cut it.

Step 3: Measurements

I think this is most important step of my project. You need to measure some basic requirements with a scale or measuring tape.

Following must be taken into mind before going further:

Leg space required for child

Distance between clamps

Position of tub over the clamps

This will help to make holes in the tub and lids.

Step 4: Painting and Fixing the Clamp

Painting of the clamps will add some elegance to the project.

Before fixing the clamp. wind a piece of rubber on the Bicycle frame where it has to be fixed. this will save the frame (to some extent) from ware & tare. Also, if the brakes and gear wires are adjacent to the clamp, you need to be very careful that the clamp should not touch the wires.

Shape of top tube of my bicycle is not circular, its oblong/oval. This really helped in getting the grip and balance well. I bought the bicycle keeping this in mind.

Fix the clamps using suitable bolts and nuts.

Step 5: Fitting Lids, Making Holes & Fixing Bolts

I have used two paint can lids, one on either side of the base of tub. It gives extra support to the base. Holes are made though the lids and base of tub, three layers on total.

Holes are made so that the long bolt should pass through these holes and must be inline with the holes of clamps. Measurement of position of holes must be accurate. I made mistake in measurement and it resulted in two extra holes that were not in correct position.

Pass the long bolt through it and fix it with the help of washers on both sides. This will help in making this readily detachable.

Step 6: Get Going...

The clamps are fixed, and the tub is ready.

Put the seat over the clamps... pass the seat bottom bolts through holes of clamps... A perfect fix...

Tighten the seat bolts with additional nuts to the clamps. Check it for leg space, disbalance, tightness etc. Put a small pillow over it for cushioning.

My kid is three years old and approx 15 kg in weight. I have been using it for approx 4 - 5 months now without any problems. Whenever riding alone, just detach it by loosening those two bottom nuts. Its an awesome feel when I go on ride with my kid. Try it...

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