Introduction: Bicycle Mounted Led Strip - Fairly Low Cost.

Fairly low cost bicycle lights. Every bit sourced from e-bay.
Some leftover speaker cable. 
2.1mm x 5.5mm Male DC Power Plug Socket Jack Connector,
Mini In-Line led Dimmer Switch Controller LED Strips Light,
RED waterproof 12v led strip.
I purchased cree led light a week before deciding to assemble the lot - so I used cree's battery pack to test led strip in this video.
I also tried 14v drill battery as power source and it did work - however a bit awkward to carry around.
I also used heat shrink tubes, soldering iron, hot glue gun (very handy to make things splash proof), scissors, sharp blade, cable ties.

1. Decide how many strips you want to use.
2. Cut them up.
3. Measure your cable (I used speaker cable) cut and prep (take insulation off) for soldering or terminal connectors.
4. Decide where to split cable and how many splits you'd like.
5. Before assembling wires together don't forget to cut heat shrink tubes and place them where they should be.
6. Use soldering iron to connect splits (real pain). - get some terminal connectors instead.
7. Before sealing connections with heat shrink tube  - check that your circuit works.
8. Connect + to + and - to - using your prepared wire circuit and led strip - this can be tricky and may cause some heavy swearing.
8a. Take some of the top insulation from the end of led strip (remember only if this is waterproof one) - about 2 - 3mm will do.
8b. use soldering iron and solder to connect wiring and led strip - make sure that + and - are separated. Test circuit before next step.
Once you finished you can make connection more reliable by putting some hot glue over it (wiring and end of led strip that is). Put some waxed paper under and over (hot glue will not stick to waxed paper - make sure you use non sticky side) - this way you can make it nice and flat - cut off any excess of glue with scissors - once glue is cold.
9. Terminate end of strip with hot glue just to be sure it will not short.
10.Get some cable ties and attach to your bike.
Here is how it works.