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Introduction: Big to Small Rolling Pin

About: I was lucky enough to retire from work fairly early and built an Ox CNC machine(One of 2 I’ve made) to add to that, I also sourced a 3D printer, Mini Metal Lathe etc, I then set about learning how to use them …

Whilst perusing the Instructables contests page, I came across the Big to Small contest, with not too much time left to come up with an idea of what to make, then actually make something i needed a plan.

I was in the workshop messing about and came across some 6mm dowel, a thought suddenly flashed through my mind, Rolling pin! (dont ask me why), I was sure we had one somewhere from days of old.

Onto the Metal Lathe.


6mm Dowel

Brass round bar

Cocktail stick

Sand Paper


Step 1: First Miniature Rolling Pin

This is not much of an Instructable its nothing more than putting a piece of dowel into the jaws of the lathe and very gently turning it,

On the 2nd attempt i managed to get both ends turned down and with a bit of filing and sanding i had the first mini rolling pin that Tom Thumb would have been proud of, a rub with some Danish oil and Pin number 1 was sorted.

Step 2: Miniature Rolling Pin Number 2

I felt a lack of under achievement with the first pin, so on with another, this time with a piece of brass bar, onto the lathe and turned it down, filed then sanded.

I'm still not satisfied and think i can go smaller..eyes allowing!

Step 3: Mini Rolling Pin 3

On with Pin number 3, brass bar again as i wasn't sure wood would survive the turning at these diameters, my Chinese mini lathe is far from precise.

So after more turning, Sanding and a quick polish, i ended up with a miniscule piece of brass which indeed resembled the Rolling pin.

Can we go smaller?

Step 4: Mini Pin Number 4

An attempt at another mini rolling pin, this time we are using a cocktail stick.

Cocktail stick is secured in the lathe and the filing begins, very gingerly i might add.

After some very gentle sanding we had the 4th and final Pin.

Step 5: The Outcome

It just goes to show how small you can go with a cheap Lathe, and makes me think of someone wanting to make furniture or components for a Dolls house or similar, the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for looking!

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    Ronna Farley
    Ronna Farley

    4 weeks ago

    Those are great!!!


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    Thanks Ronna, Glad you like


    4 weeks ago

    Aww, so cute and tiny! :D


    Reply 4 weeks ago

    Glad you like Jessy, Many thanks