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Introduction: Bike Gear Candle Holder

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This instructable shows you how to make a candle holder or plant holder out of bike gears.

I originally made this a long time ago and I used it to show off this little 9V Lantern Instuctable , which prompted a lot of people to ask about the stand.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Front Chainring
Rear Cassette

Dremel or hacksaw
JB Weld

Step 2: Half

Cut the chainring in half. I used a dremel mounted on the dremel multivise to do this.

Step 3: Mark the Middle

Line up both halves of the chainring, and mark the middle.

Step 4: Notch

Cut a notch in the middle, on one half of the chainring cut the notch on the top, on the other cut the notch on the bottom. This way they will fit together and be level with the ground.

Step 5: Test

Try it out and see how it works.

Step 6: Mix Up Your JB Weld.

Mix up your JB Weld.

Just a tip, if you do this in a really cold garage (like I did...) the JB Weld will be a little thicker than usual.

Step 7: Attach the Cassette

JB Weld the notch in the chainring.

JB Weld up the cassette.

Clean up any extra JB Weld.

Let it dry and sand off any extra, clean up your new candle stand and use it.

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    That looks really cool! I would like having the stand part without the holder itself--that's really cool. If I get a broken bike or something, I'll get the gears to make this bottom part, and I'll see what else I can make because I have a lot of candle holders.
    AWESOME job.
    +1 rating.
    (added to favorites)


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks so much! I loved the stand as soon as I saw it in your other iBle! Nice job!