Introduction: Bike Hard Side Saddle Bags

I wanted a better way to carry thing on my EBike. Those cloth bags are way to easy for some one to get into and don't carry much. So first I built this box out of wood. It worked well but was to heavy and looked home made. So I decided to see what I could do it fix this.


1/2 plywood and wood glue and screws.

Step 1:

So I seen these motorcycle saddle bags on Amazon (on sale) and figured why not try them. So bought them and they work grate.

I got some 3/8" cable clamp to mount the bags to the rear rack. Held the bags up to the rack and marked where the rack bars where on the bags. Them drilled the mount holes, using the cable clamp to get the spacing right for the holes. The Black box between the bags houses the motor controller and wiring for the EBike. I then drilled a hole up high in the bag the screw the bag to that box.

The bags had tail 12v lights so got a small 12v 4 ah battery and wired them up.

Warring: I did get pulled over by a cop because I did not have a license plate. He thought I was on a motorcycle. But once He seen it was a bicycle he ask a lot of questions and wants one.

Step 2:

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