Introduction: Bike Phone V1.0

Just because you are some bigshot executive, does not mean you drive in comfort to work everyday. For those that lead a hectic life and busy schedule without the luxury of topping up their phone battery via a car cigarette lighter, this should do the job using one of those old dynamo's from the front wheel of a bike.

Step 1: What You Need

1. bike (not shown) 2. The dynamo for the bike light 3. The light (not compulsory but adds functionality) 4. An old charger, or new. 5. A phone

Something to cut the wire with is usefull to.

Step 2: Mod the Charger

Just clip the wire before the socket part, you wont be sucking power off the grid any more. Then strip the cable a couple of cm to seperate the 2 inner wires.

Step 3: Connect

Depending on your dynamo it may vary on how you connect it but it should be similarly simple as with mine which is just a matter of click , click.

Step 4: Road Ready

just screw everything back on to your ride... and if you want you could clip the wire down with tape or something, as for the light i said its not compulsory but you if you can hollow it out like mine and flip it up you have your phone 'cradle'.

I used a nokia and when charged like this should display something similar to 'optimum charging', i didnt get a chance to try out any other phones.

Remember, dont place a call while on the road, pull over to a safe location.

This is really v1.0, i had nothing around the house, not even masking tape! so watch out for future refinements such as hands free, fax, and the option to keep the light aswell. (yes i know i know "but what about the light?" will be the first question but important people are too busy to get hit by cars.)