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Introduction: Bike Stand From Old Pipes

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I need to organize my bikes in basement, so i come with idea of making the stands from old steel pipes.

The idea was to make 4 stands. Each individual. That 4 bikes could be placed individually. Especially for the winter time that the bikes could be place closer to each other.

Step 1: Prepairing the Tubes

I had some tubes from central heating that ware left from renovation.

So first step was to remove the paint with angle grinder. That's why tubes have some rough finish.

Second step was cutting the tubes to length. I took the base 40 cm long. So its quite manageable in basement, but still offer support for the bike.

Than it was time to notch the tube. I have no notcher, so i have to improvise. But with a little try and error it come out OK.

And also cut to length the smaller diameter tubes for upper part. Those tube has to be cut to an angle to be weldet at angel of 53 degree to the base.

Step 2: Welding

After the materials was prepared it was time to weld.

I used a TIG welder.

I welded only sections of tubes. It is not a structural part, so couple of cm weld is more than enough.

For welding I try to clamp things down as I could. Again i am not a welder so I don't have proper welding table and all sort of clamps, so improvisation was one again necessary.

Step 3: Grinding and Painting

After welding it was time to grind the welds and smooth of burrs.

After everything was smooth it was time for paint.

Because the stand is in house, and its is not exposed to rain and sun, I don't pay so much care for paint.

Just a plain rattle can spray. Black was a choice. Or I would rather say, that was the only can found in basement.

Step 4: Stand

All that was left was some rubber for the base.

The cheapest end easiest way was to get some rubber tube to fit the outer diameter of base tubes.

Cut 4 pieces 10 cm long for each stand and just slide it over a tube.

And the stand is ready.

Super pleased with result how it turned out.

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    Kink Jarfold
    Kink Jarfold

    4 years ago on Step 4

    Ah, in my youth we never took care of our bikes the way you take care of yours. Of course the bikes we had were usually Frankensteined from parts tossed out by others. I commend you on this neat instructable.

    NOT BAD, KINK, MY BOY..png