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Introduction: Bike Storage Compartment

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So....Hey there!!

Just a quick intro otherwise I'll be writing paragraphs!!

So, for my first first instructable I thought I would show off my (not very good) Storage compartment for a bike, I had the idea when I would be doing something to my bike or cycling and when holding something I would have no where to put it. So I came up with a quick solution to try and solve this

So please enjoy reading and feel free to comment!

Step 1: The Plan

To start off with and due to my rubbish pictures I thought I do a quick (Very technical ) "CAD" drawing. The first picture shows the ends, the cut out sections are to allow the product to be easily removed as I have used bolts there which can be undone with a screwdriver.

In addition to these the holes should be cut for the handlebars to fit around which can be cut with a forstner bit. The dimensions of these would vary from bike to bike however, hence why I didn't show them.

The second picture shows the assembly of the product, it works so that by undoing the bolts the ends can move up and the sides and base down freeing the compartment from the bike.

Now that thats sorted...on with the build!!

Step 2: Cutting the Ends

I do Apologise for my appauling pictures!!!

The dimensions of these will vary on what wood you use and how large you want to make the product. For example, the length of mine is 160mm roughly and the width of the wood pieces is 2mm.

Stupidly, I disobeyed rule on of woodwork "Mark twice cut once" which has caused there to be an extra cut out section in the middle that can't be used which makes it ugly which makes me annoyed.... Ah well.... Live and learn...

The circles for the handlebars were then cut on the pillar drill with a forstner bit and that should allow them to sit snuggly together.

Step 3: The Sides and Base

With the lengths cut the diameters for the base and can be worked out. Overall its quite simple, and just basic woodworkery of :

Marking out the desired length + Diameter of the handlbar + The width of the wood for the end.

With that the holes can be cut and the base slots in.

Step 4: Pray It Fits!!!!!

Try putting all the parts together around the bike and checking if it fits nicely. There may be some movement of it however that won't cause much of a problem in the proper use of it.

Step 5: Start Painting

Final stage!

This one is quite easy and just a case of giving it a lick of paint, in my case I only spray painted on some normal paint but ideally I should of used a varnish to protect the wood as it is only chipboard. The finish you use will depend on the wood you use.

Once it all dries and it looks good enough, its done!!!

...Or more a less......

Step 6: Conclusion

This is the final product when fitted on the bike, I think it looks alright, but there are some kinda large problems.

- Its too small!!!!! I can't really fit alot of stuff in there so it is kinda useless, but then I haven't used it enough to see whether it is worthwhile yet

- Its a tad bulky...... Perhaps the corners could be rounded off?

- Theres no cover, its all good being able to put things in a box, but its no good when it all jumps out when going over a bump!! I think a cover could be built on to make it more functional, in the meantime, I have fitted some cardboard just for tempoary use.

And thats basically it, thanks for reading, and I do apologise for the bad pictures again, and probably for the bad instructable, but I think its a starting point and hopefully it will be the start of many.

If you enjoyed this blog you may wish to comment or follow me, or perhaps even visit my blog at :

Please bear in mind all of this is a work in progress and I still have lots of things to do, but for now, thank you and goodbye

- Oli

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