Introduction: Biodegradable SERE Ghillie Hat

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This is a fun project to make, and it is easy too. The only supplies you need will be grass and some string to tie everything together. This is fun to use while playing airsoft, hunting,or playing hide n seek.

Step 1: Gather a Large Handfull of Grass

When you gather your grass, you will want to pick a shade that will match your surroundings. For example, if you will be hiding in a field of green grass, do not use dry grass.

Step 2: Put Grass in a Row and Twist It Together

Line up the grass with the grass ends all mixed together so it will be stronger. Then stepping on one side, grab the other side, and twist until tight. Now you have a short grass rope.

Step 3: Fit It to Your Head and Tie It

Take your grass rope and circle it around your head, pull it tight, and tie it firmly in this position. You can use string or a long piece of grass.

Step 4: Make Sure It Fits Then Finish Tying It

Double check that it fits just in case your first knot has slipped. Once you are happy with your fit, finish tying it.

Step 5: Add Camo

This has to be the most fun. Find foliage that blends in where you will be using it, and start working it into the grass rope. REMEMBER do not put to much in it, or not enough. Put just enough in to blend in. Make sure you are creative too. Try different areas and different color patterns to find out what works best for you.

Step 6: This Video Should Provide a Good Visual

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