Introduction: Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth Corset

What would Booker do without his Elizabeth?!
Elizabeth Comstock Bioshick Infinite Corset

Step 1: References

As usual I like to start with collection enough and good pictures to help me getting the right look.
What can we see and learn about Elizabeth' corset? White with black stripes; metal clothing and bones.

Step 2: Materials

You will need:
- fabric (taffeta) in white shiny (she's a noble daughter after all)
- white lining
- muslin fabric to make it more stiff
- black satin rivbbon - thick and thin
- white lace ribbon

- boning + pincer
- corset busk (42-45cm)
- rivets (around 12-15 per side)

And a pattern of course!

Step 3: Creating With Pattern

Using a historical corset pattern here:
Transfer and cut out all pieces of the pattern twice and from all 3 fabrics. You should have 36 pieces in complete now; 12x muslin, 12x lining,12x fabric.
Sew fabric by fabric together and line them up: lining, muslin, taffeta (picture 2).

Use black satin ribbon to create the slots and the decor for the corsetts boning. Be sure to have anough space in between the stitches to fit in the bones and seal both ends of each trimmed bone either with the metal clips made for it or, as I were given the cheaper advice, with some hot glue glue :) (picture 3-5).

Stack all 3 layers per side onto each other: lining, muslin, taffeta on top.

Step 4: Adding the Busk

All the layers can be sewn together at the back side and to add the hasp you need to have ste stack of fabric turned inside out.
Now: hold your metal clips onto the fabric and mark were you need to leave open the seam to thrust through the one side closing mechanism.(pic.1)
Fold the layers right side out and secure the one side of metal(pic2) with sewing.
Almost the same way of working goes for the other side. Only that now you have to mark some points to cut a little hole for each and every knob (pic3). Turn the stock right side out,too, and make a seam to secure this part,too (pic4).

Et voila - your corset is ready to be closed frontside!

All that it actually takes to really lace the corset are rivets!

Step 5: Punching Holes and Rivets

You're almost there!! :D
It is now time to prepare the back of the corset. The side where you'll use ribbon to lace it!

1. Decide on how many rivets you'dlike to use on one side.Using minimum 12 rivets brings some good result.
2. mark the spots where you will place the rivets.
3. punch in some holes! I used a little tool to do so + a hammer. You usually get it with the pack of rivets. Tool is shown in picture1!
4. Same tool with different adding to punch in the rivets.(pic2)
5. Weaving in the thin black ribbon and you areready to wear the corset <3

Step 6: Adding Lace for Detail

To prevent the bones from falling out you have to seal the top and bottom hemline of your corset. I used the thick black ribbon here again!
And because the references show that Elizabeth corset is having some thin white lace on the top hemline I added this,too.

If you are doing your own design you can add as much detail and bling here as you like! Sew, handstitch, glue or paint :)

WUHU!! you are done <3

Step 7: Finished Corset

Tadaaaa! BioShock Infinite Cosplay Corset Elizabeth check <3
(skirt and jacket are ready,too. only thing missing is the 80%done choker)

Step 8: Links

For more Bioshock Infinite tutorial and costume WIP stuff visite here !!
Or check out my cosplay fb page at Kion Cosplay.

I'd love to here from you guys :)

Step 9: First Photos

Thx to PinkCheshireCat(animexx) and Sentry (animexx) I recieved my first photos from Leipzig Bookfair2014 of me as Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock Infinite !
*added a little bit by myself

For more Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth or cosplay stuff come visite me at Kion Cosplay on fb! I'd love to see you come around and talk to me

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