Birch Bark Key Fob

Introduction: Birch Bark Key Fob

Keys need fobs. It's a known fact. So, why not make that pretty company to your keys? A natural look is the best way, and can be very nice to feel and pick up, your keys of course.

Step 1: ​Sourcing

Take a rectangle piece of bark off a newly split log using a box cutter. This should be twice the size of the desired key fob.

Step 2: ​Structure

Fold the key fob in half, slowly to avoid cracking the bark. Now, apply glue smoothly and sufficiently, and clamp it down with the outer layer of bark facing outwards. When dry, you can use scissors to trim to your desired shape.

Step 3: ​Attach

Drill or awl a hole in the edge, making sure the hole is within the glued together section. Attach a ring for keys or carabineer. Enjoy!

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