Birch Bark Pocket Square

Introduction: Birch Bark Pocket Square

The birch bark pocket square adds a classy and elegant touch to your outfit while still helping you maintain your woodsier aesthetic.

Step 1: Cut Out

Draw and cut your shape out of a strip of birch bark, preferably using freshly cut birch logs.

*DO NOT cut off tree, it can harm a live tree!*

I would recommend working the inner bark backing to make it more structured, but using enough layers of the paper-like sheets of the bark will do the trick. I would personally clean off the top layer of bark to have a cleaner finish, but if weathered/mossy/gnarled suits you, go for it.

Measure your pocket and cut your design from the strip of birch bark you have sourced. My suit had a smaller pocket, but you may have to account for a deeper bottom. I looked at traditional pocket squares and saw one- and two-peaked styles, and this reminded me of a design I like. So, following the design, which looks vaguely like mountains, I cut out the shape for the pocket square.

Step 2: Model Your New Pocket Square!

You're all done! Next time one of your plans calls for something a little fancier, show off your fashionable, original, and charmingly earthy "pocket square."

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