Introduction: Bird Apartments

This project is a step by step process on how to create bird apartments.


For this project you need one 2x4, a table saw, power drill,stain/torch and wood glue.

Step 1: Cut 2x4

Cut your 2x4 into 1/4" pieces.

Step 2: Cut 12 7" Pieces

Cut 12 7" pieces, these pieces will be your walls.

6 of them cut straight. The other 6 pieces cut at a 45 degree bevel.

Step 3: Cut the Beveled Pieces

Cut the beveled pieces to 6" long.

Step 4: Cut the Straight Edge Boards

Cut the 6 straight edge boards to a point

Step 5: Cut Roof Pieces

Cut Roof pieces to be 4" long, at a bevel of 45 degrees.

Step 6: Put Walls Together

Put walls together, be sure beveled pieces are glued on the side of pointed walls.

Step 7: Cut Hole in Walls

Cut hole in walls on 3 of the pointed walls. Do so using a power drill and a hole cutting bit.

Step 8: Put Roof Pieces On

Put Roof pieces on.

Step 9: Burn or Stain Your House

Burn or stain your house. This step is not required but suggested to make your apartments look nicer.

Step 10: Add the Final Finishes

Add final pieces you want for your bird apartments.

Connect the apartments and add a bottom as well.