Introduction: Bird House From One Plank

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This is a bird house that is super easy to construct!

You only need one plank, some screws and a drill for the opening.

You that follows me know I like to paint and decorate, and that I did for these as well. : )

I made bird houses for friends and family and for those I painted it the same way as their houses, very appriciated!!

Step 1: Materials

A plank, 170 cm long, 17 cm wide, 1 cm thick (this is not super exakt, you can see the idea in my sketch, the front should be the width-2 thicknesses, in my case 17 -1 - 1 =15)
The bottom should be the width -4 thicknesses (17-4=13 cm)


Step 2: Assemble

Use a ruler with 90 degree bend to get straight lines. Easiest is to saw with a circular saw but a handsaw is just fine.

I don't have pictures of this process below, sorry for that.

Screw the sides together with the back and the bottom. .

I pre drill to avoid cracks before screwing.

Step 3: Front

First we drill a hole as opening.
I drill it in the position you can see in the sketch. The position is not that important but you should drill it in the top third.
The opening should be customized according to what bird you want in your house. I have done houses for :

* Different tits - 3.5 cm
* Eurasian Pygmy Owl - 5 cm
* Tawny owl - 12 cm

This is birds that I know is in the area and hopefully they will prefer my houses : )

We want the front to be removable, because we need to empty the bird house every spring before birds move in for the season. Nail a nail in each side of the front, abreast of the hole(the red arrows in the sketch). These should be absolutely horizontal since we want to be able to use them as a hinge for the front.

Then I drill a hole about 3 mm thick and about 5 cm long In the bottom side of the front (blue arrow in the sketch)). Use a nail that is a little thinner then the hole and about 7-8 cm. I bend the head of the nail to make it stick better in place. Then this nail is easy to remove in the spring, and the front can be tipped open.

Now put the roof on by screwing it in place.

Now we are done and ready for decorating ; )

Step 4: Paint the House

I want the houses to look like a human house so I sketch windows on the sides and a door in the front, as well as a sign over the door (who doesn't want a welcome sign?!)

I tape the sides so that it is easier to keep them neutral before painting them in a contrasting color and the same with the sign. But otherwise I free hand paint, windows and door.
I use different colors on the houses, see my houses as inspiration. Be sure to use color that is intended for outside use!

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