Bird Quest! a 3D Board Game

Introduction: Bird Quest! a 3D Board Game

Long long time ago, there is a beautiful forest. Birds in the mountains, like Eagle and Falcon, visited their friends Duck and Seagull in the beach nearby. Food was plentiful and life was good. However, as more and more people came to visit, trees were cut down and blocks of houses rose. Mountain birds were squeezed to the corner of the land, and they did not dare to come out to meet their friends anymore. Fortunately, people started to change and built gardens and left out more room for grasslands. New birds moved in, like Hummingbird and Pigeon. People also started to protect the forest. Finally, there was a chance for all birds, friends old and new, to meet and live together. How will this go?

We created a 3D Board Game- Bird Quest with many game variations to extend your own version of the story afterwards.


(This project has a long material list, fortunately, many are household items and most of the remaining we got from dollar store. We also reuse many of the materials, e.g. the yarn scraps was used for grassland!)

For the birds:

  • Yarn (3-9 colors)
  • Cardboard (3"x4")
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Felt (wings, eyes)
  • Stickers (yellow, orange, or red for beak)

For the bird hangers:

  • 6 Magnets
  • Paper clips

For the game board:

  • Poster board
  • Brown paint
  • Plexiglass (18 x 24)
  • 11" x 14" frame
  • Clear duct tape

For the game tiles:

  • Styrofoam and poster board (enough for 42 3x3 tiles)
  • Leaves/moss
  • Yarn scraps (can be reused from birds)
  • Small plastic flowers (4 pcs)
  • Green tissue paper
  • lollipop sticks
  • washi tape and stickers
  • blue construction paper
  • Seashell beads
  • Tinfoil
  • Double-sided tapes & Duct tape
  • Blocks of black styrofoam (for mountain and rock)
  • yellow/ rough paper
  • yellow/green masking tape
  • Clear duct tape

For the game elements:

  • Dice
  • White card stock (for bird character cards)
  • beads for tracking of points
  • Toilet paper roll & yarn for bird nests

Step 1: Bird Players, Pt. 1

You will need to make 6 birds: Falcon, Eagle, Seagull, Hummingbird, Pigeon, and Duck

Cut a slit on the 3"x4" cardboard and start by sticking one end of the yarn through it to avoid slipping. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard flap.

Step 2: Bird Players, Pt. 2

Once you have a decent amount of wraps, fold the flap so you can insert a separate length of yarn through the center and tie a first knot. Remove the cardboard flap and tie a couple of more knots in the middle as seen in the picture. You can also use rubber band. The point is to secure the yarn ball with knots.

Since we are making bird players, we need to leave some extra yarn to hang the birds with paper clips from the ceiling.

Step 3: Bird Players, Pt. 3

Cut around the edge of the circle to split the loops of yarn into parts. This will make the poof ball effect!

Step 4: Bird Players, Pt. 4

Trim to create a tail shape and tie a knot if needed.

Step 5: Bird Players, Pt. 5

Add wings and eyes with felt, and a beak out of sticker/paper.

Step 6: Repeat!

Use different colors for different birds. If you want to have a bird with multiple colors, simply wrap more than one colors onto the cardboard piece. We did this with humming bird (light green and green) and pigeon (black, grey, and blue).

Alternatively, you can connect two small yarn balls, e.g. bald eagle.

Step 7: Game Board, Pt. 1

The board we got from dollar store is bigger than desired size of 18"x24". We cut out side and use those to make thin strip borders.

Step 8: Game Board, Pt. 2

Mark grid lines on the poster board, splitting it into 3 in. by 3 in. squares. If you used the recommended size of 18"x24", there should be 48 squares (6x8).

Step 9: Game Board, Pt. 3

Paint the poster board and border brown; let dry.

Step 10: Game Board, Pt. 4

Tape on the strips as borders with transparent duct tape.

Step 11: Game Board, Pt. 5

Tape one side of one frame to the plexiglass with perpendicular angle.

The idea is that the resulting frame can stand in a flipped "I_I" shape by itself with this position.

Step 12: Game Board, Pt. 6

Add a piece of tape along the fold for extra support.

Step 13: Game Board, Pt. 7

Repeat with the other frame on the opposite side of the plexiglass in folded position. This makes it easy to fold and carry the game.

Step 14: Game Board, Final

The frame-plexiglass joints should be foldable (upwards).

Step 15: Game Tiles Overview

Three biomes/categories: Grass, Water, Rocks

Each category has:

8 Normal tiles

4 Food tiles -Grassland has 4 gardens, Water has 4 fishy ponds, and Rocks has 4 rocky land with nutrients

2 Nesting tiles-one 4 in., and one 8 in. tall -Grassland has two trees, Water has two islands, and Rocks has two mountains

There are 3 areas: Grass, Water, and Rocks. Each area has 8 normal tiles, 4 special food tiles, and 2 special nesting blocks. One nesting block is 4" tall and the other is 8" tall. Nesting blocks are placed on tiles, so their base must be 3x3 in. or less.

The following steps have our work making these tiles, but you can customize them to your liking.

Step 16: Game Tiles, Prep

Cut 3 in. x 3 in. Styrofoam or poster board tiles. (42 in total)

Step 17: Game Tiles, Grass-Normal Tile-pt.1

Layout dried leaves, moss, or other flat natural items on top of tiles.

Step 18: Game Tiles, Grass-Normal Tile-pt.2

Tape them down to create a laminating effect with transparent duct tape.

Step 19: Game Tiles, Grass-Special Food Garden Tile-pt.1

Reuse the leftover yarn pieces from making humming birds. Spread glue evenly on tile, then press green, yellow, or brown yarn bits onto tiles to secure.

Step 20: Game Tiles, Grass-Special Food Garden Tile-pt.2

Add plastic flowers or other garden-style decorations.

Step 21: Game Tiles, Grass-Special Nesting Tree Tile-pt.1

Cut wrapping tissue papers into small 3"x4" rectangles. Stack them evenly.

Step 22: Game Tiles, Grass-Special Nesting Tree Tile-pt.2

Fold the green tissue paper in a fan shape as seen. No need to be accurate as we want a natural looking tree.

Step 23: Game Tiles, Grass-Special Nesting Tree Tile-pt.3

Tie the middle together with a piece of string or yarn. Optionally cut off some of the edge on both tips.

Step 24: Game Tiles, Grass-Special Nesting Tree Tile-pt.4

Flip open the sheets of paper. The end result should look like a tree.

Step 25: Game Tiles, Grass-Special Nesting Tree Tile-pt.5

Insert the lollipop stick into the tree leaves, glue it securely.

Step 26: Game Tiles, Grass-Special Nesting Tree Tile-pt.6

Wrap the brown washi tape around the lollipop stick for tree trunk.

Step 27: Game Tiles, Grass-Special Nesting Tree Tile-pt.7

Secure it to the tile and repeat for 1 more tree (Make sure the heights are 4" and 8").

Step 28: Game Tiles, Rock-Normal Tiles

Take aside 8 tiles of black poster board. These will be the normal rock tiles.

Step 29: Game Tiles. Rock-Special Food Nutrient Tiles

Cut thin pieces of black styrofoam and glue onto 4 tiles.

Step 30: Game Tiles, Rock-Special Nesting Mountain Tiles

Sculpt out a natural looking rock formation and glue it to a poster board tile.

Step 31: Game Tiles, Water-Normal Tiles

Tape 3"x3" blue construction/sparkling paper squares to 8 poster board tiles.

Step 32: Game Tiles, Water-Special Food Fish Tiles, Pt.1

Tape tinfoil pieces (cut into fish like shapes) to a styrofoam tile.

Step 33: Game Tiles, Water-Special Food Fish Tiles, Pt.2

Add seashell beads then pour epoxy resin over to create water effect.

Step 34: Game Tiles, Water-Special Nesting Island Tiles, Pt. 1

Cut 2 blocks of styrofoam. Make sure they're 8" and 6" tall.

Step 35: Game Tiles, Water-Special Nesting Island Tiles, Pt. 2

Cut pieces of the rough paper.

Step 36: Game Tiles, Water-Special Nesting Island Tiles, Pt. 3

Place the pieces on the styrofoam blocks.

Step 37: Game Tiles, Water-Special Nesting Island Tiles, Pt. 4

Add the green masking tape for decoration and the clear tape for stability.

Step 38: Game Tiles, Water-Special Nesting Island Tiles Pt. 5

Paint a styrofoam block brown. This block will help the nests stay on.

Step 39: Game Tiles, Water-Special Nesting Island Tiles, Pt. 6

Bend a paper clip into a U shape and stick it into the block.

Step 40: Game Tiles, Water-Special Nesting Island Tiles, Pt. 7

Add the blocks on top of the styrofoam towers.

Step 41: Game Elements, Dice

Tape stickers saying "Special", "Forward", "Left", "Right", "Up", and "Down" to a dice.

Step 42: Game Elements, Nests Pt.1

Cut a toilet paper roll into many small sections.

Step 43: Game Elements, Nests Pt.2

Wrap the outside of the toilet paper roll with double sided tape.

Step 44: Game Elements, Nests Pt.3

Wrap yarn around the toilet paper roll.

Step 45: Game Elements, Nests Pt.4

Add washi tape at the end to secure.

Step 46: Game: Elements, Set Up, How to Play, Goal, and Variations

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