Warm Together

Introduction: Warm Together

About: Maciek Niedorezo Digital Arts instructor B.A. in Studio Art from Northeastern University Chicago, Illinois MFA in Industrial Design from University of Illinois Chicago, Illinois

Hello, in this Instructable, you can learn how to create and print a fun ornament.

You will need:

- A basic computer, nothing fancy.

- 3D software (I use Carrara 8.5)

- 3D printer or service (I print on a PowerSpec with PLA filiment, or a service like Shapeways)

Best of luck,

Maciek Niedorezo BFA, MFA

Digital Arts Instructor at ArtoriumChicago.com

Step 1: Modeling the Ornament

Modeling the ornament in Carrara 8.5 software. http://www.daz3d.com if you are a student, ask for a discount.

Starting with a smooth ball, make space for eyes, beak and wings. Each extruded with the Dynamic Extrusion tool throughout. After the rough shape is complete, try to place an expression on the model. The optional bottom opening can be made by deleting planes, for a string-light bulb to illuminate the piece. Use the same method to extrude the legs feet and toes. Have fun, you should have a model ready to pose.

Step 2: Pose and Prep Your Model(s)

Why one bird, when you can have... two! Pose the figures as you wish. In the spirit of Christmas, I chose to pose the birds snuggled together with eyes closed. Take your time. As a final step prior to printing, tilt the model so that it rests easily on a base. With fused filament printing as on my PowerSpec printer, the model will probably require supports just to be safe, so please take that into consideration. Alternately, I have used the Shapeways service with great results, which uses stereo-lithography technique requiring no supports.

Step 3: Set Up and Print!

Printing at home:

My printer uses the ReplicatorG software. Free at http://replicat.org and easy to get used to. Position your print accordingly, the grid spaces in the software closely represent 10 mm in size on the printer platform. Review the settings for temperature and speed. These work best for me for printing in PLA vegetable based plastic. Yours may differ. For best adhesion to the platform, modify the temperature code to 'S50' in the M109 line of code. Generate your Gcode and print away! Remove the supports with small pliers, and file away any unwanted artifacts.

NOTE: Don't be discouraged if your first print is not successful. You can see mine was not perfect the first time around (STL & OBJ file attached). Try again, with different settings until you are happy with the results, keep track of your progress.

Printing via 3D printing service:

It is very easy to open a Shapeways account. Our students at Artorium have used the service to print their creations. You can upload your files there, chose your material and its ready to order in time for Christmas. You can even open your own store: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/niedorezo Its the factory of the future.

Whatever print method you select, best of luck!

Maciek Niedorezo BFA, MFA

Digital Arts Instructor at ArtoriumChicago.com

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    They remind me of two birds that hang out in my backyard...or was it my front yard? Hmmm...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    this is too cute! I love it! I really love their faces :)