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Introduction: Birdy Family 3D Art Project

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An all ages, all abilities, project to do with your kids, your grandparents, your grandkids, your friends.....anybody!

In this instructable I will show you how to convert your birdy picture (or your childs) into a 3d, multicolour ornament.

We will also make some keyrings, a bird to colour in with paints, playdough or plasticine and a birdy stamp.

So lets get started


Computer or tablet

3D printer and filament

Optional: Paints and plasticine

Step 1: Draw Your Birdy

Get your child/children (or yourself) to draw a bird, or draw with your kids if they are a little young.

You can do this on paper or on a computer or tablet.

Save or scan this photo before they colour it in - see picture.

Now ask the artist to start colouring in the birdy while we start prepping the birdy picture to 3d print.

Step 2: Separating the Picture Into Layers

Now we want to split the picture into layers - these will represent the colours when we 3D print.

Open your child’s drawing in MSPaint or a similar app with a fill option (paint can).

Save the original outline drawing as Bird1 then fill the body in and save as Bird2.

Fill in the beak and save it as Bird3, then the eye and save as Bird4.

If you have separate wings or other features fill those in also, part by part.

Continue doing this until all parts of the bird are filled in and you have a silhouette, this will be your final file.

Okay, now its time to get these pictures into Tinkercad

Step 3: Building Your Birdy Model

Convert all your pictures to svg files - you can do this by using an online converter, I use:

Now import your svgs into Tinkercad, making sure they are all the same size.

Starting from Bird1 make each following object 1mm shorter in height– If Bird1 was 10mm then Bird2 would be 9mm and Bird3 8mm etc

Then align all the objects and go and find your artist

Step 4: Choose Your Colours and Export Your Model

When you align all the pieces of your bird you will be able to see how the colours will look.

Ask your child/artist to tell you what colour they want each part of the bird to be and make the object that colour by selecting it and clicking on the colour tab – this allows you all to visual your completed bird - have a play and decide on your colours

Now group your objects together and export the stl file.

Step 5: Slicing Your Birdy

Slice your bird using your normal settings and add filament changes for each colour.

If you need help with this please ask - I can help :)

If you prefer you can print your birdy in a single colour and paint him :)

Now lets print your Bird

Step 6: Printing

Print your bird using the colours you have chosen earlier

If you are doing this with children - let them watch their picture slowly build into a 3d colourful bird :)

Your Birdy is now complete - Yay!

Now you have your birdy model lets use the stl to create some keyrings and models to colour in

Step 7: Making Your Birdy Into a Keyring

Go back into Tinkercad and add a tube object, reduce it in size and height and place it at the top of your birds head. - see yellow bird in picture.

Group your bird and your tube.

Now reduce the size of your birdy to approximately 50mm square and 4mm height

You have created a keyring using your (or your childs) own picture!

Slice it and print.

Now finally lets making a colouring in bird

Step 8: Making a Birdy to Colour In

In Tinkercad increase the size of your bird so that it is a good size to paint.

Export the stl, slice it and print your bird in white filament.

The bird you have printed is easy for little ones to colour in because each colour area has a border. It can be coloured in with sharpies, textas or paints.....

You can also push plasticine or playdough into the colour holes to create a colourful bird.

Finally, children can also use the bird print as a playdough stamp, creating a replica of their own drawing in the playdough.

Step 9: Birdy Family 3D Art

Ornaments, keyrings, colour ins and playdough toys

All from your family's art

Draw a bird each and create a family :)

Happy Printing

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    16 days ago

    That's a fun idea! I was doing one like this that was clear for a suncatcher. I wonder how well a "clear" filament would work for that :)


    Reply 16 days ago

    I think if you made the whole bird nice and thin it would work well, what a good idea :)