Introduction: Black-Berry Supreme

Not very hungry? Looking for just the right blend of veggies and fruits?

Look no further! The Black-berry supreme may not look big, but that doesn't deprive quality!

The Sour-sweet taste of apples, with the crunch you've been craving.

The delectable, sweet black-berry that you can't resist.

The orange, savory carrot that makes your day.

And last of all, Delicious yogurt of any flavor to start the week.

These carefully selected food products, though simple, can go long to put a smile on anyone's face.

Step 1: The Ingredients

  • a handful or more black-berries
  • around 6-10 carrots
  • any sweet apple
  • A nice looking bowl
  • A fruit knife/Apple cutter

Step 2: Preparing the Ingredients

  • After all ingredients have been gathered, thoroughly wash the carrots, berries, and apple.
  • Once washed, take the apple and the knife, and cut it into 10 equal slices.

Step 3: Yogurt and Apples

  • Take the yogurt, and empty into the bowl, make sure the yogurt is an even surface
  • Now, take the apple slices, and arrange them into the bowl like the second picture

Step 4: Carrots and Berries

  • Take the carrots, and arrange them likewise the first picture
  • Add in the berries, in a circle around the middle carrot, and then one in front of the other carrots

Step 5: Enjoy!

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