Introduction: Black & Decker Whisk

Are you tired of mixing ingredients by hand? well your wait is over. it's time for you to upgrade to the Black & decker whisk.

  1. Jig saw
  2. Metal whisk
  3. Small piece of sheet metal
  4. tie rod end
  5. two jam nuts
  6. 10-32 hardware

Cost: $5-6

Step 1: Cutting the Sheet Metal

cut a piece of sheet metal to fit where the blade of the jig saw would normally go. At the bottom end, drill a small hole. Use the original blade as a template.

Step 2: Fortifying the Whisk

In order to get the maximum throw for the head of the whisk, run welds down the side of the handle to melt it together. This is not necessary if you are not using a whisk that is made out of wire.

Step 3: Attaching the Tie Rod End

weld one jam nut onto the front of the metal guard of the saw. thread the tie rod end threw and secure it with the other jam nut.

Step 4: Attaching the Whisk

Push the handle end of the whisk threw the top of the tie rod end. Using the loop at the end of the whisk and the 10-32 hardware, attach the whisk to the sheet metal. you may have to squish the end of the whisk to fit it through the tie rod end.

Step 5: Results

Here is how your Black & Decker Whisk should properly run.

Step 6: Legal Disclaimer

Use proper safety equipment while using your very own Black & Decker Whisk. Keep whisk out of the reach of small children. Remember: this is not a toy.

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