Introduction: Black, Gray, White Striped Scarf- Extra Long

This instructable is for a pretty basic scarf, with a slight twist. My hubby needed a scarf that actually fit him well. It looks long in the picture, but when he isn't goofing around it fits nicely with a coat. It is longer to tuck into your coat after it is wrapped around several times as well. I have seen plenty of striped scarfs, that go the width of the scarf, but few that run the length. This was a fun little twist. I used a simple half double stitch to keep him nice and warm. It is made out of super soft, fuzzy yarn, looks great with his black dress coat, and his "work coat". I didn't use a pattern, and I am terrible at counting stitches, so if you HATE counting stitches, this is the "pattern" for you.

Step 1: Measure the Length

I chain stitched my yarn until it was the desired length. I had him stand up and draped the chained yarn around his neck until it was the length I wanted. It is approximately 7 feet (84") in length. (He is 6 feet tall).

Step 2: Half Double Crochet Until It Is the Width You Want

I ended up with a more narrow scarf (hubby's request). I used 24 rows of half double stitches. My yarn was ombre, so I was careful to keep the rows lined up. If you have too much of a color, you can trim it and start the new color to keep your stripes even and straight. You can add fringe on the ends if you would like. I wanted them, he did not.

Step 3: Tada!!!!

And that's it. Pretty easy, pretty quick, and pretty much a custom piece. Enjoy!!!

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