Introduction: Black Light UV LED Flower Crown

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Yes, those are black lights in a headband.

These UV LED flower crowns will make any black light accessories you are wearing glow!

They also work great with black light reactive body paint.

(Additional black lights were used to enhance the effect of the black light body paint in all but the last two images shown above)

Perfect project for Halloween!

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Black Light Photo Shoot Credits:

Body Art: Alexis Rios

Model: Loretta Kwan

Photography: Jamie Lynn Photography

Photography: Soreyrith Um Photography

*Things you should know*

>> The LED strip used in this headband is power hungry. So if you are planning on wearing the headband for more than a few hours, you will have to change the battery to maintain the headband's brightness.

>> The radius of the black light's effectiveness in making UV sensitive objects glow is very dependent on how dark the environment is and how much power is left in the battery. For example, if you are wearing black light sensitive shoelaces, they probably won't glow unless you are in a completely dark room and you have recently replaced the battery.

Please message me if you have any additional questions!

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

What you need:

  • 24″ of black 12 gauge floral wire
  • Black electrical tape
  • Silver floral tape
  • 1 UV LED strip
  • White sheer organza ribbon
  • A23 12V batteries
  • 1 A23 battery holder
  • 1 Hair clip
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue / Hot glue gun
  • Solder / Soldering Iron
  • Heat shrink
  • Optional: decorative flowers of your choice

Step 2: Prepare the Wire Base

Shape the wire base:

  • Cut a 22" strip of floral wire
  • Bend it into a U shape
  • Create 2" long loops at each of the ends of the wire base
  • Secure the loop shape by wrapping the end of the loops with electrical tape

Decorate the wire base:

  • Wrap the entire wire base with silver floral tape

Step 3: Prepare the LED Strip

Prepare the LED strip:

The LED strip I used to make this headband was designed to be installed in a PC tower and comes with a Molex connector. We won't be needing this. Trim away the connector and the excess wire. Leave ~ 8" of wire.

Prepare the A23 batter holder:

Bring both the ground and hot wires to one side of the battery holder. Trim the wire to 1" past the edge of the battery holder. Use black electrical tape to tape both of the wires to the backside of the battery holder.

Step 4: Solder the Battery Holder to the UV LED Strip

  • Cut 2 strips of black heat shrink
  • Slide the strips of heat shrink over the wires attached the LED strip
  • Connect the wires from the battery holder to the LED strip
  • Solder the connections and protect them with the heat shrink
  • Insert an A23 battery to test your work!

Step 5: Attach the LED Strip to the Wire Base

Place the LEDs against the wire base:

  • Find the middle of the LED strip and the middle of the wire base and line them up so they are centered.

Reinforce the connection between the cables and the LEDs:

  • The connection between the cables and the LED strip is very delicate. You will notice that there is a gap between the base and the end of the LED strip where wires attach to the LED strip. It is important that this connection bends and flexes as little as possible.
  • Fold a piece of black electrical tape in half about 6 times (or as needed) and place it underneath this joint to fill the gap.
  • Wrap this section of the LED strip and wire with electrical tape to reinforce it.

Cover the LED wires with silver floral tape:

  • Hide the black and red wires coming from the LEDs by wrapping them with silver floral tape.

Wrap the headband with ribbon:

  • Cut one 40" piece and one 60" piece of white transparent opalescent ribbon.
  • Lay the 40" piece against the front face of the LED strip. Make sure the ribbon is centered so that there are equal lengths of ribbon left at each end of the LED strip.
  • Take the other piece of ribbon and wrap it around both the wire base and the LED strip. Each time the ribbon is wrapped around the wire and the LED strip it should overlap with 1/2 of the width of the previously wrapped section of ribbon. When you have finished wrapping the LEDs, secure the ends of the ribbons with hot glue.
  • Pull the tail ends of the 40" ribbon through the loops in the back of the headband.

Hot glue a hairclip to the battery holder

Step 6: Final Touches

Optional additional decorations:

  • Cut another 40" piece of ribbon
  • Find flowers or other decorations of your choice and glue them to the ribbon.Either tie the ribbon over the head band to cover it or secure it to the headband using hot glue.
  • You can also splatter black light sensitive paint onto the flowers to add more glow.

Step 7: Wear It!!

Woohoo you are done!! Time to celebrate!

Black Light Photo Shoot Credits:

Body Art: Alexis Rios

Model: Loretta Kwan

Photography: Jamie Lynn Photography

Photography: Soreyrith Um Photography

Have fun and enjoy!!!

Happy Halloween :)

Step 8:

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