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As you can see this cupboard in anything but organized. Seriously I don't think I could have stuffed anything more into it. I love baking, This cupboard is out of control, so let the organizing begin! My goal in this project is to create a cupboard that has everything needed for baking. The cupboard needs to be functional and easy to maintain.

Step 1: Empty the Cupboard

First things first! Take everything out, Clean it, Throw away what needs to be thrown away.

Step 2: Gather the Supplies


4 large clear plastic tubs (I bought mine from 99cent store 1.99 apiece

4 smaller tubs also from 99cent store

A roll of Chalkboard Vinyl (Hobby Lobby) 7.99

Small roll of black duct tape

Regular white chalk, pens White Chalkboard Marker

The Chalkboard vinyl is repositionable so it is easy to work with

Step 3: Decide on How to Organize the Cupboard

Organized the cabinet for how it will work for you. I am left handed so when people come into my kitchen it can be frustrating to find things. I started by lining all the bins up on my kitchen table, decided on categories, filled each bin and put each back into the cupboard. Starting with the most used items on the bottom.


Mixes - All prepackage mixes

Cookie Cutters - cutters, molds, presses, etc..

Pans - Cake Pans

Bowls - Metal bowls used for baking only

Sprinkles - All things decorating, food coloring, birthday candles, sprinkles, edible glitter, etc..

Baking - Baking powder, soda, yeast, powdered buttermilk, etc..

Bins - I buy chocolate chip, nuts, etc.. from Winco

Measuring - All the assorted measuring cups

I actually have a lot more in the cabinet then before, now I can find what I need.

Step 4: Blackboard the Doors

Measure the insets on the doors cover with the blackboard vinyl. The blackboard can be used so many different ways. I wrote a recipe on one door and on the other door I made a list of what treats I have made in the freezer.

Step 5: Making the Labels

You could freehand the label, If you have never done any chalkboard writing I have a tutorial for making chalkboard writing on my blog:

The Willow and Rose

I wanted the labels erasable and removable.

The top clear plastic bin labels are 12 x 6 inches

The four smaller bins labels are 11 x 5 inches

The smaller bins I used are a plastic weave so the vinyl wasn't sticking as well as I wanted, so I added black duct tape around the labels.

The cupboard was so unorganized before! I found four different packages of open powdered sugar and a bottle of very expired molasses.

Step 6: The Finished Blackboard Baking Cupboard

Step 7:

Step 8: The Before and After

Step 9:

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