Introduction: Blind Finding Object

here you have to connect 4 cables from a makey makey to 4 different objects that conduct electricity:

1 object that work as a button that has to get connected at one of the arrows of makey makey and 3 objects to guess by people which want to play this game, on another arrows of makey makey.

Step 1: Preparation of Software

You have to make a software of every computer language (i used python) that includes the possibility of using vocal recognision to enable the user to enter his or her own voice response .

Step 2: Play and Guess the Object

Finally play touching the different object and when you think you can guess that, push the button and say the position (left, centre, right) of the correct object. (Remember, you have 90 seconds to guess it, and while you are touching an object, every second thick doubled).