Introduction: Blinking Blue Eye Girl

Makers: kushal kumar.k

Location: Banjarapalya E4D Maker space

I make this project in Banjarapalya E4D maker space. In our center all of my friends are making different type of projects, But i was thinking i have to make different project and i need to make it batter finally i did this "Blinking Blue Eye Girl" project.

Materials :

1. A4 Sheets

2. Led's

3.Coin cell

4.Conductive pen


6.Heartbeat effect sticker

Step 1: Draw the Blue Eye Girl

First take one A4 sheet and draw the ´Blue Eye Girl´ drawing with the help of pencil. Make it very good drawing it is the main part of your project.

Step 2: Preaper Circuit for Blinking Blue Eye Girl Face

Take another A4 sheet and make a circuit sketch with the help of pencil. After that take conductive pen and trace the pencil line.

Step 3: Fix All Components on the Circuit

After completing the circuit take 2 LED, Heartbeat sticker and fix it to the circuit as shown in the image.

Take one coin cell and put it on the corner positive and negative poles on the sheet and fold the edge of the sheet as shown in the image.

Step 4: Put the Drawing on the Circuit

Take the drawing and put the drawing on the circuit. finally it will look like this.

See video