Bloody Candelabra

Introduction: Bloody Candelabra

DIY Bloody Candelabra

Supplies Needed:

1 metal candelabra - Garage Sale $5.00

1 can black matt spray paing - Home Depot $.98

7 white candles - dollar store

1 red candle - dollar store

1 foot of black plastic chain - dollar store


1. Spray paint the candelabra black - allow to dry

2. Place the white candles in the candelabra - light the candles and allow them to melt down to the size you want

3. Blow out the candles -

4. Light the red candle and hold it over the white candles and allow the red wax to drip down

over the white candles - repeat as necessary to reach your desired effect

5. string the plastic chain around the candelabra as to your liking!

That's it that's all you need to make your own Bloody Candelabra!

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