Blow Answering Machine With Makey-makey

Introduction: Blow Answering Machine With Makey-makey

The idea is to get a feedback from the students when leaving the room after the class WITHOUT touching anything, just blowing in the direction of the answer.

Step 1: Elements and Connections

The basic material to be used are 2 straws, 2 aluminium foils cut in lines and 2 small surfaces of aluminium to make the contact

The straws and their aluminium will connect to earth (GND)

The 2 surfaces of aluminium will be the 2 possible answers and will be connected to 2 different pins (arrow left and arrow right)

We also need a peper-carboard to attach all the components (this will be like an interactive poster but activated by wind)

Step 2: Programm in Scratch

Step 3: Here Is How It Works

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    2 years ago

    Great project idea! So cool!