Blue Cat Face Paint

Introduction: Blue Cat Face Paint

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Get your feline on with this simple to paint Blue Cat face paint inspired by Josje Wolters' version from her 2008 book Just For Fun Faces.

Note: I have been stepping in and out of my crafting comfort zone, because I do face painting as well. So, this is a huge step into showing what I can do besides working with a pair of scissors and a piece of fabric. In fact, it's definitely the cat's meow, for sure!

Step 1: Watch the Video

This is just a short video about me painting my face like the blue cat, while teaching how to paint it. You can see the video here or on YouTube using this link:

Step 2: First Steps

So, based on the video, I will give you a visual on how I painted the blue cat. Note that all of the paint colors being used were made courtesy of Mehron / Paradise.

First, I started with White face paint for the eyes and the muzzle.

Step 3: Add Shades of Blue

Then, I sponged on a layer of Light Blue for the base, along with a swipe of Lagoon Blue around the edge of my face for a blended effect.

Step 4: Add Final Details

Then, I went back into both my White and Lagoon Blue for the features, like the nose, whiskers, whisker holes, stripes, and painted the top lip for a bit of pop!

Step 5:

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    4 years ago

    very cute!