Bluetooth Enabled Nerf Blaster

Introduction: Bluetooth Enabled Nerf Blaster

I felt inspired by Colin Furze's project, and decided to make my own rendition for the Remix Challenge. The design that I used is similar, but more amateurish, and features a Bluetooth module that allows control over the turret from my phone.

This is a list of the parts that I used, and the specialty parts will have links for online purchase:

• (1) NERF Stampede

•(2) Car Door Actuators (The most reliable source of this part only sells in pairs, but this can easily be found on Ebay, as with many of the other parts.

•(1) Paint Stir Stick

•(1) LazyBone Bluetooth Module

•(1) 4AA Battery Holder

•(1) Small spool of string

•(4) AA Batteries

•(1) Roll of tape (duct tape or electrical tape is preferable)

Tools will include either an epoxy mix or a hot glue gun, a woodcutting tool, such as a handsaw, a sharpie or similar marker, a hand or powered drill, and a sizable Flathead screwdriver.

The App to control the Bluetooth module is called LazyBone BLE on the Apple App Store.

Step 1: Step 1: Mark and Cut Your Paint Stir Stick

The stir stick should be marked and cut at about 11 inches. Many stir sticks have ruler markings on them already, but a ruler may be necessary for this part.

If the stir stick has a portion that is not as wide as the rest of the stick, that part should be removed in this step.

Step 2: Step 2: Mount the Car Door Actuator

The car door actuator should come with a mounting bracket, and a pair of small, stubby screws, and a pair of longer, sharper screws.

The car door actuator should be mounted on the far left of the mounting bracket. It can be mounted by screwing it into place with the smaller screws.

Place the actuator on one side of the bracket, turn it around to reveal the screw holes on the side of the actuator, and screw it into place with the aforementioned screws while it is placed on the bracket. The result should be a firm placement on the bracket.

Step 3: Step 3: Prepare the Stir Stick for Final Mounting

Place the completed car door actuator mount onto the cut stir stick for reference, and place the LazyBone Bluetooth module on top of the mounting bracket. The LazyBone should be placed in a way that allows you to screw it into place, while also screwing in the mounting bracket.

Mark the two screw holes on the LazyBone, and drill two holes into the newly marked spots. The holes are for the longer, sharper screws that came with the car door actuator, and should fit them.

When everything is drilled and set into place, put the car door back into it's place, put the LazyBone on top of the car door actuator's mounting bracket and where you drilled the holes, and screw the assembly into place. You should finish with one, completed part with everything screwed firmly into position.

Once the car door actuator and LazyBone module are installed onto the stir stick, glue or otherwise fasten with epoxy, the AA Battery holder onto the remaining portion of the stir stick.

Step 4: Step 4: Wiring the Assembly

Connect the blue wire on the actuator to the black wire of the battery holder.

Secure the green wire on the actuator into the L(R) terminal on the left side of the LazyBone, and secure the right wire of the battery holder into the middle terminal on the right side of the LazyBone.

Connect the included AC adapter into the LazyBone, and place four AA batteries into the battery holder. The circuit will then be complete.

Step 5: Step 5: Mounting the Completed Assembly

Place the stir stick assembly onto the back of the NERF blaster so the car door actuator is on level with the blaster's trigger, and hot glue the entire assembly into place.

NOTE: It is important not to glue onto the battery holder of the blaster.

Step 6: Step 6: Preparing the Trigger

Cut a piece of string about 1 foot long, and tie one end around the end of the car door actuator. Tightly wrap the string around the trigger, and secure it either by tying it or with tape. The end result should be the string clamping down on the trigger when the actuator is activated.

Step 7: Conclusion

You've done it! The project is now complete, and ready for use with the LazyBone Bluetooth module controle App. Enjoy your new NERF turret.

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    4 years ago

    This is so much fun! Thanks for sharing your Nerf Mod!


    Reply 4 years ago

    I'm glad you enjoyed it!