Introduction: Bohemian Macrame Jar

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Hello everyone!

Today I am going to show you how to make this Bohemian Macrame Jar. It is minimal,chic and last but not least - easy to make!

You are going to need:

A jar

Macrame cord


A ruler

A comb

Optional: a candle to put inside

Step 1: Cut Your Cords

Start by cutting your cords.

Depending on the size of your jar and the macrame pattern you are following,I would suggest measuring the length of your jar 2.5 times and doubling that.Cut as many cords as you need to go around your jar.

For your anchor cord measure the same size as the other cords but add the circumference of your jar three times.

My best advice is - cut a little more than you need.Always. It's better to have some scraps in the end than to run out of cord in the middle of your project.

Step 2: Attach Your Cords

Start by taking your anchor cord (the long one) and make a simple knot.

Take your cords one by one and attach them by following the photos above.Loop the cord underneath your anchor cord.Then pull the remaining cord through.

Repeat this process until you are done.

Step 3: Start Knotting

I decided to make a row of square knots first. You are going to need 4 cords for this knot.

Start by making a loop with the left strand.It should look like a giant 4.

Bring the right strand over the left strand, and feed it through the loop you created.

Pull both the strands and tighten but keep holding the center strands.

Then, reverse the whole process to complete your first square knot: make a loop with the right strand, bring the left strand over the right one and feed it through the loop.

Then tighten.

Make another square knot - you should have 2 square knots.Repeat the same process around the whole jar.

Step 4: Keep Knotting

The next thing you need to do is take the anchor cord and use it to make knots around the jar.

Start by putting the anchor cord over the next cord.There should be a loop.

Take the right cord and feed it through the loop.Repeat the same process with the same cord.

Continue doing the same knot until you are finnished.

Step 5: Diamods,baby!

Now it' s time to make the diamonds!

For this knot you are going to need 8 cords in total.

Start by taking the two middle cords and make one simple knot.Then,take the right cord and start making the same knot from the previous step but hold your anchor cord downwards,creating a diagonal line.Repeat the same knots with the left cord.

Make a square knot in the middle - you already know how!

Finish the diamond by making the same "simple" knots but hold your anchor cord accordingly.

Step 6: Add Some Fringe

We are almost done!

Take the 8 cords inbetween each diamond and make square knots.Tighten them nicely.

Step 7: Trim and Comb

Trim off any excess cord and comb your fringes.

Step 8: Add a Candle

This step is optional but it seems only fitting to add a yummy smelling candle to tie this project all together.Pun intended!

Step 9: You Are Done!

Light your candle,make some tea and admire your creation!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check my Instructable out!

I hope you enjoyed it!

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