Introduction: Boho Nature Hanging Planter

Here's a very quick make for a crafter with green fingers!

This planter is made from scrap craft materials and garden twine and has a great summer holiday feel to it.

There is a tiny bit a crochet in one of the next steps; instructions are in US crochet terms. The crochet part can be replaced by hot-gluing the twine around the plant pot.


- 1 large embroidery hoop

- A plastic bottle or yoghurt pot

- Garden twine

- 6mm crochet hook

- A tapestry needle

- Cutting implements

- Masking tape

- Beads, scrap fabrics and yarns, for decoration

- Flowers! (or Cactus)

Step 1: Prepare the Pot

Start with placing the bottom of the bottle or yoghurt pot in the middle of the embroidery hoop and decide how much space you'd like it to take and mark the limit with masking tape.

Cut around until the bottom is detached. Edges can be sharp, so sand them or add masking tape all the way around (it will be covered by twine).

Make a small hole in the middle of the bottom, to thread through some twine later.

Step 2: Crochet the Plant Holder

Using twine and a 6mm hook,

R1: Start with a magic ring of 6 single crochet (sc)

R2: Increase all around (12 sc)

R3: Work 1 sc, 1 increase (18 sc)

Keep checking that the bottle base fits in the disc. Add rounds of 1 sc in each stitch around (18 sc) if necessary.

To work the side,

R4: Slip stitch in the first stitch, chain 1 (does not count as a stitch), sc all around in the back loop only (18 sc)

R5 - RX: slip stitch chain one, sc all around (18 sc)

Repeat the previous round as many times as necessary to cover most of the pot. When you get close to the top, do a round of double crochet (18 dc), followed by a round of sc in the back loops only (18sc – this will be folded inside of the pot to create the border)

Slip stitch and leave a long tail for closing. Thread the tail through the top of each sc, and, with the bottle in place, pull taught. Make a knot and fasten off.

Step 3: Attach to the Hoop

Separate the hoops and keep the external one to the side for now.

Cut a long length of twine. Thread it onto a tapestry needle and straight through the bottom of the pot. Make a knot (and add a bead, if desired) on each side of the base to secure the pot.

Place the pot in the middle of the inside hoop, pull the thread tight across the diameter of the hoop and wrap it around at each end. Knot to secure.

Carry on working with the twine, randomly wrapping it around the hoop and crossing with previous threads. Keep the needle on the end of the twine in case you need to catch some stitches on the pot to stabilise it.

Step 4: Decorate

Secure your design by tightening the external hoop around the twined hoop.

Add some beading around the pot, and cut some leaves out of fabric.

Randomly sew beads and fabric leaves on the pot and web of twine previously made.

Add a long string of beads at the top for hanging.

Step 5: Add Wild Plants

Finally, fill the pot with pebbles, sand, or water and add freshly cut flowers or a cactus.

Enjoy your lovely new planter indoors or out!

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