Introduction: Boiled Egg Candle With Concrete Holder

even used a real egg for making an egg candle?

this idea popped in my brain and just had to try this over.

this is quiet simple project. you may only need parrafin wax and wicks. rest of the things you can find at your home easily.

i made a concrete holder with this egg candle. i hope you like it

Step 1: Things We Need and Assembling

paraffin wax ( i am using block)

yellow crayon

fry pan

water ( for double boiler)

steel bowls


egg shell ( 1/3 broken top taken off)


a small cup or container to hold the egg shell ( egg holder will work too)

remove egg yolk and white from the egg.

Don't discard the shell.

Wash the shell and let it air dry ( handle with care)

In a frying pan, put a little bit of water.

Place steel bowls over water.

Place a blocks of paraffin wax in them ( use smaller block for yolk and a little bigger block for egg white) and heat ( it is a double boiler method)

Add crayon in small paraffin block bowl.

let it melt down.

remove the yellow crayon+ wax bowl from heat and let it cool a little bit.

once it reaches a little solid constancy scoop out in your palm and form a ball ( keep the wick handy)

( be carefull wax will be hot)

add the wick while it is still pliable

sorry i was the quite busy in forming the ball that i forgot to take every step picture.

Now pour over melted paraffin wax ( clear colour) inside the egg shell place the yellow ball with wick side down inside the cup ( as you can see in the picture that i didn't placed the yellow ball all the way down)

once the wick is secure inside the shell, pour more wax filling 2/3 of the egg shell.

Now pop in the yellow ball in the middle. let it cool. ( you can use freezer for this purpose too)

once it drys, add a little more of the clear wax on the sides. if you feel that clear wax is over crowding your yellow centre, add more yellow ( the slightly melted one) to let the centre stay yellow.

if the yellow wax is not smooth enough don't worry, once it will burn, it will be in it's exact shape.

let it dry ( over night is preferred)

don't use freezer for quick cooling.

Step 2: For the Container

you need


1 part cement

1 part sand.

plastic glasses for mold

I am quite new at this

mix sand and cement together properly.

add water little by little, ( make sure it not to thick or thin)

place your cement inside plastic mold

let it cure a little ( 5 min may be )

place your wax egg ( you can also use real egg to shape it)

let it sit there a few minutes

press the egg as much you want the egg hole to be.

(don't let it cure this quickly)

remove your egg and wash it up

leave your cement holder over night to cure.

once cured, add pop of colour. ( i used golden)

place your egg candle on top and enjoy your new creation.

Step 3: Bonus Idea

coloured wax egg with help of crayon.

follow the pictures for help. in this one

Step 4:

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