Introduction: Bombay Guava Slice

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Summer is here and its literally very hot in India. Hot sun is draining our energy out of our body.. In order to put our energy back treat yourself with these cool buddies.. Always ice cream, chocolate are being treated as sweets. in few cases dark chocolate are bitter (Absence of sweet), but have you ever tried a "spicy and salty ice cream"... Wondering how it will be ?!?.. Find out for yourself by making the below Instructable.

Lets get started !!!

Step 1: Ingredients

All the ingredients are easy available in Kitchen. So no separate shopping is required to make this recipe

1) Milk (High Fat content) - 1 Cup

2) Fresh Cream - 200 Ml

3) Milk powder - 2 Tsp

4) Sugar - 1/3 Cup ( I used mineral sugar, hence its brown in colour)

5) Condensed Milk - 1/3 Cup

6) Corn Flour - 1 Tbsp

7) Rock Salt & Chilli powder - Pinch

Step 2: Guava Puree

1) Slice the Ripe guava ( it should not be too ripe), we don't need seeds in our ice-cream slice, remove the seeds then it will look like Guava wedges, it should be something like shown in first image.

2) Bbblleeennndddd ..... it well in Mixie

3) Result you'll get a fine puree without solids

Step 3: Milk + Corn Flour + Sugar

1) Pour the milk let it boil in minimum temperature

2) Dissolve the corn flour in 1 tbsp of milk and pour, adding corn flour will increase the consistency of the milk

3) Keep stirring continuously

Tip: even though if milk get boiled in order to avoid the rising of milk above the vessel place a spoon across the vessel, so it will not flow out of vessel

4) Adding corn flour will thicken your milk, add sugar and stir continuously till the sugar get dissolved.

5) Let it cool to room temperature

Step 4: Blending

1) Put the Fresh cream in a chilled bowl and blending using hand mixer

2) Since my fresh cream was not heavy in fat, the result was not that fluffy, but still the cream had soft peaks.

3) Add sweetened condensed milk give a swirl

4) Add Milk powder, Guava puree, Milk + corn flour + sugar combination and give a good blend

Step 5: Filling & Freezing

1) Choose the container in which size and shape you prefer your slice to be...

2) I have poured in two round boxes whose height is less also i have used parchment paper in bottom so it doesn't get struck at the bottom as a extra precaution. This is optional

3) Oval lid (Tiffen box lid) as you can in third image there are air bubbles , to remove those bubbles tap the box gently on ground few times, air bubbles will be removed and it will look something like that as in fourth image

4) Remaining i poured in container

5) Close all of the them air tight and put in the freezer, i left it over night inside freezer

Step 6: Enjoy

1) Take it out, peel of the parchment paper, start cutting into small cubes or diamond shapes by cross cutting it.

2) Mix powdered rock salt and chilli shower them over your cute little cubes, put tooth pick and enjoy your

Sweety + Spicy + Salty guava ice cream slices.

3) My cubes are little creamy in photos because of the following reasons

1) 35 degree hot sun outside

2) kept them in water for few mins to de-freeze (i may have done this for duration more than required)

3) Salt when touches the slice it becomes watery

4) Mean while i was searching for my phone to take photo ;)

Anyhow i enjoyed epic taste of this weirdo combinations, to be frank it was good.. this was my morning breakfast :)

If anyone has done this instructable please let me know..

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