Bonnet From Old Dress

Introduction: Bonnet From Old Dress

If you have an old dress laying around and want to reuse it here is a fun idea!

Step 1: Find an Old Dress

If you have an old dress (preferably with frilly Sleves then you are on your way!

Step 2:

Step 3: Hemming

most likely the section you cut will need to be hemmed on one side so decide how large you want it ( for kitten I am doing 1 1/2") and hemm the side you cut.

Step 4: Sewing Into a Circle

Next you need to sew together the bottom side( the smaller inner part that will go on the back of the head) it is ok if ther is a hole here a lot of bonnets are made with holes in the back. If hand stitching I would double thread and cross stitch to make sure it's strong. Make sure to hemm on the inside

Step 5: Attaching Ribbon

Next you need to sew on the ribbon (or peice of hemming off the dress as I did) to the bonnet so you can secure it on. You want to attach them on the inside of the bonnet to the hemming as shown.

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