Book Case

Introduction: Book Case

Hello Fellow Instructables
This is my Diy Book case

Step 1: Materials

For this u need a few tools
Table saw
Sand paper
Nail gun
Wood cut from a 8x 4 pc. of Pine wood
And trim wood for the decorative pcs

Step 2: Book Case

My book case it's 7 feet tall by 14 inches deep
And 48 inches Wide
It has Bolts on the bottom so it can be easily moved
The top has decorative trim. See pictures

the sides top and bottom where cut from a 8x4 sheet of ply wood the rest of the pcs i used pine wood

the back was made using a sheet of 3mm ply wood.

the decorative pcs used on the top was pine,

after the whole thing was put together i sand it and put a light colour stain to it.

this is my second wool case the 1st was done using Oak wood,

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