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Hello, Everyone... So my friend Ashley and I figured we would actually start making some Instructables. For we are some crafty *b*tches.* So for our first one together. We decided on Paper flowers. Book Roses and some patterned orchids.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

So for this, you will need.

  1. - A stick or dowel, any length
  2. - Matte Mod Podge (or Glossy if you want your flowers to blind you) or make your own mod podge (we made our own though it won't be as durable as store-bought)
  3. - Hot glue gun
  4. - Boring white glue
  5. - Scissors (Or a stamp/punch if you're a lazy butthole. though if we had them.. we would have been lazy buttholes too!)
  6. - Paint is optional.
  7. - Paper patterned or not, up to you really. It's your project... We used a heavy paper for the orchids and for the roses a book we aren't too fond of that was wrecked anyway... Oh, something about desire in the street... There might have been something to do with cars on that street... I'm sure you know..
  8. - Floral Wire
  9. - Floral Tape
  10. - Foam Brushes
  11. - Stamps if you want to add patterns to blank paper.
  12. - Something to use to draw circles (a compass or something to trace, or even one of those paper punches that lazy buttholes use.)

Optional: Paper clips and Toothpicks.

Tip: If you use a book. Make sure it's one you own, not one that you borrowed from the library or from a friend. Don't be that person. Be considerate. Nobody likes an inconsiderate jerk.

Step 2: Make Modge Podge or Use Store Bought

So we decided to make our own Mod Podge... Why?

Because we were too cheap to buy more.. and found the glue faster then we found the mod podge.

To make this liquidy concoction

1. 1 part white glue to 1/3 part water.

2. Then mix until smooth. Easy Right?

We put it in a mason jar, put the lid on and shook it like there was no tomorrow.

Aren't we nice we are giving you other options than just buying stuff. You know Reduce, Reuse and Recycle baby!

Also if you want to add colour to your Mod Podge to change the colour of the paper this is where you would do that.

We separated this "Poor Man's Podge" into 4 parts. We used Red Solo cups!

1 was for regular, 1 was for purple, 1 was for green, and 1 was for silver. Don't try silver it's pretty much like the original... You win some you lose some.

Put in enough to make the Podge the colour you desire but not too much to dilute the glue.

Step 3: Prep the Paper for the Roses

We decided to do only 8 to start. We figured that since we were going to mod podge these. book pages we could start here.

1. Use ripped book pages or another paper type thing.

2. Layout paper.

3. Mod Podge the paper thinly using the foam brushes.

4. Wait for them to dry. Until they are no longer tacky to the touch. That should be about 15 minutes on this side.

5. Turn them over!

Step 4: The Other Side!

1. Mod Podge this side! We put a full page of each colour then a page with the colouring on the outline.

2. Wait for them to dry. Until they are no longer tacky to the touch. That should be about 15 minutes on this side too. HAHA Just kidding. Read the Tip below.

Then at the end, once they are dry, they should look like the last picture. Woohoo!

Tip: Do this a few hours before, We did not.... and patience is not something we are that keen on...... So we waved them around for them to dry, but that wasn't quick enough... Then we used our own breath to blow on them... Still wasn't drying fast enough. Sooo hair dryer won! That took a very short time!

Step 5: Prep Wire

1. Cut the wire at the desired length. However many you want. We used 22 gauge floral wire.

The choice of wire gauge isn't really that important. If you don't wish to use a dowel to hold up your flower then use a thicker wire then we did.

Reminder: The smaller the gauge the bigger the wire.

Step 6: Time for Circles and Petals

1. Use whatever you can to make circles we have used a stamp to draw some, a compass and a leaf for the petals.
For 1 flower you need 6 or 7 circles and 6 or 7 petals depending on how full you want your rose.

2. Then cut them out.

Step 7: Curl the Petals

1. Using the end of a paintbrush or pencil curl the petals.
Wrap the larger side around the pencil or paintbrush. The smaller the paintbrush the tighter the curl.
They should end up looking like the one on the left.

Step 8: Gluing

1. Heat the glue gun

2. For the first circle, glue from the middle of the circle down and lay your wire in it. Wrap the top and sides of this circle around the wire.

3. Next circle, glue across near the bottom of the circle and build your "bud" outwards.
4. Then do another.
5. Then another and so on. We used 6 circles in total,

It should look like the last picture.

Tip: Don't hot glue your fingers! it's hot! If the name didn't give it away the burns will.

Step 9: Add Petals

1. Using 6 petals. Glue them on.
From the base... You know.. Not the curly end...
If they aren't as curly as you want them. Curl them some more!

Tip: Hot glue is still hot. "Son of a biscuit eater!"

Step 10: Tape the Wire

If you wanna hide your hot glue.
Wrap the wire with floral tape.
All the way down... To where you don't want to anymore. Cuz HEY! It's your project!

Here you can add a small wooden dowel and wrap the wire around that.
Then wrap that with the floral tape.

Then you are done with the rose!

Isn't it Purdy!? Ashley does such a good job!

Step 11: Onto the Orcids

1. Take whatever square pieces of paper that you wish.
Patterns or plain or still pages from the book from earlier.
They need to be 2 3/4 inch squares.
They do not need to be Mod Podged unless they are thin paper like the book pages.

No hot glue for these babies! Unless you like burning your fingers that much.

Step 12: Folding the Paper

1. Fold point to point.

2. Then with the fold horizontal and the tip to the sky fold both corners up. And towards the point.

3. Then fold each corner towards the crease made from the previous fold.

4. Then fold the corners over.

Tip: If you aren't getting the folds. Look at the pictures!

Step 13: More Folding!

1. Put glue on 1 of the side triangles.

2. Bring the other triangle over to meet it. Making a cone.

3. Hold together until stuck. Or make a paper clip do it for you. You can continue making more that way while the previous is drying.

4. Repeat these steps 2 more times for a 3 petal flower or 4 more for a 5 petal flower.

Tip: Hot glue dries faster. So guess what we did!
"Son of a biscuit eater"

5. Once dry, fold the centre triangles down. To make the stamen of the flower.

Yes, we can count.. 1 is gonna be randomly patterned.

Step 14: Glue the Petals Together

1. Glue the flat sides together. 3 or 5. We did 3 for the first one.
They should all fit in there. If not. Try harder.

2. As you can see in the middle. You can just shove your wire in there.

3. Then secure with glue.

Yay 1 done. Few more to go.

Tip: For 5 squish 3 of the flower middles together then quickly glue the other 2. Try the 5 if you are indeed an octopus or have really oddly positionable fingers...

Step 15: Arrange Your Flowers in a Bouquet Then Tape Your Sticks

1. Wrap your wires all around the wooden dowel and position the Orchids and Roses where you want them to be!

2 Add glue if needed cuz floral tape can be dumb.

Then YAY! Your Bouquet is DONE!

P.S. Hot glue is not our friend.

Hope you Enjoyed! If you did and See this in a contest, give us a vote! Thanks for Reading or just looking at the pictures.

Tip: Don't be a lazy butthole.

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