Bookmark - Buttons (Super Simple)

Introduction: Bookmark - Buttons (Super Simple)

Super easy bookmark. Great gift!

Step 1:

Stick button to paperclip
Yes, its literally that easy. Get some super glue, glue the button onto the end shown in the picture (or it won't work).

It's advisable to put a piece of material over the back where it has been glued. This both makes sure it stays in place and avoids any sticky moments while it dries

....aaaand you're done! Insta-gift

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    This is adorable! I've got to make some for my roommate. Though we're both literary junkies and we've got more books than anything and everything else in our apartment (separately or together), these would be more his style than mine. Now I can literally give him a button that will save m his page. Thanks so much for the clever idea!! :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    Why thank you!

    When I get around to actually putting them up I've got another variation on this and another two bookmarks just as easy. My step mum's always asking for bookmarks so I just went a little overboard haha