Introduction: Bookshelf Cubby

This cubby is a simple yet effective build for a functioning bookshelf. LED lights help light up the cubby and add a brightening touch.


8 ft by 1ft pine wood/plywood
4ft by 1ft pine wood/plywood
Screw gun
Drill bit (suggested)
Sander/sand paper
White paint
Shelf hooks

Step 1: Measure and Saw

On the 4 ft board measure by 1ft
Measure on the 8 ft board by 2ft
Draw a line where measured and cut each line with the saw

Step 2: Drill Holes

this step isn’t completely necessary but it’s very useful
drill holes half way through the wood on each corner make sure the hole isn’t to far in, about 1/4 inch

Step 3: Connect Corners

Use the holes to drill screws in the corners of the wood to connect the sides of the cubby

Step 4: Saw Off the Extra Wood

Drawing a line with the ruler can help ensure a straight line is cut

Step 5: Drill Hole and Hammer Shelf Hooks to Hang Shelf

Using a drill it the size of the shelf hook, drill a hole 1/4 the way through the wood
Hammer the shelf hooks into the holes
The extra 1ft piece from the wooden board can work as a shelf

Step 6: Sand and Paint the Cubby

Using sandpaper or a electronic sander, sand all the wood and edges
Paint all the wood, two coats of paint is recommended

Step 7: Let Paint Dry and Put LED Lights Up

Let paint dry
Using tape, hot glue, or hooks put the LED lights inside the cubby

Step 8: Fill With Books or Other Object