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Introduction: BoomBoX Lepai 2020A+

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I finally made my boombox. The sound that comes out of it is fantastic. For the color I used metallic silver. I am also very impressed by the LEPAI 2020A + amplifier. The power from amplifier is really impressive. I bought it on ebay. I did read some good rewievs for this amplifier and decided to buy it. For accessories, I used a carbon foil. With carbon foil I covered the wood. Everything else is painted in metallic silver. I wanted to look like a metal case. Went to the car paint shop and the seller mixed me Alfa Romeo metalic silver paint witch i chose. I used 3dl of color. I bought handle bar in the store with furniture. I used front decorative aluminum from laminate door end. the rest of the material I bought in DIY store (PVC pipe, wood ..) If anyone has any questions I will be happy to answer.

Greetings Dejan

Step 1: Materials Needed for Start

Here are the list of materials you will need to built this BoomBox

1.) First I bought PVC Pipes. It costed me less than 10€.

  • 2x fi 160mm (cant remember the lenght right now)
  • 2x fi 50mm lenght-250mmThey were really cheap.

2.)Than I bought Pattex FIX wood glue and paied extra 5€ for it.

3.) I also bought a new car audio speakers for 35€.


  • midbassmm (inch)130 (5.25")
  • tweeter voice coilmm (inch)25.9 (1")25.9 (1")
  • power RMS/MAXWatt20/40-30/60
  • impedanceOhm4
  • requency responseHz85 ~ 20k70 ~ 20k
  • efficiencydB 88-89
  • midbass magnet
  • weightOz6,510
  • depth mounting midbassmm51-56

4.) Wooden board (I already had it at home)-cost 0€

5.) Carbon foil (bought it on internet) cost-5€

6.) Angular aluminum bar (for lamminate flor endings) cost - 3€

7.) A few self-tapping screws - 14x

8.) Universal 360° Rotating Mount Holder (for MP3) cost - 3€

9.) MP3 Player,1 Inch LCD Screen

10.) Metalic color 3dl (Alfra romeo paint) - cost - 30€

11.) Sponge for speaker case isulation - 5€

12.) Insulation Tape

13.) WATER abrasive paper

14.) ALCOHOL Marker

15.) Drawer handle bar (every store with furniture) - 7€

16.) Old speaker grill

17.) Auto paint spray gun

18.) Power adapter supply AC/DC 3A

Step 2: Starting

1.) Tape the parts together with Insulation Tape to see how it looks and if it all fit together nicely.

2.) I made the wood carrier for the speakers and tested if speaker is fitting nice in the pipe.

3-4.) I screw the wood carrier for amplifier with three screws on each side. When you are sure that all the wood parts for speakers fit nicely you can screw the speakers. Than I glued the tweeter speaker box on the box of 2- way speakers. I used the parts from PVC pipe waste, cut them in half and made an decoration on both sides.

5.) Than you have to build the back wood cover for speaker box. When all the wood parts are tight in you make sure that you glue them very good.

6.) Next step it to drill two holes for drawer handle bar. One on each side. And make sure that it's in line with wood carrier for amplifier.

7.) Leave the glued parts to dry for about two days.

Step 3: Continuing

1.) After all the parts have finally dry you can continue with the building of BoomBox. First i cutted the angular aluminum bar to fit the wood carrier for amplifier on the front and the back side. Than I brushed all the BoomBox with the WATER abrasive paper to brush out the PVC pipe gloss off. Only that way I could paint them with metalic paint nicely.

2.) As you can see on the second picture I already foiled wood carrier for amplifier just to see how it will look. And put the tweeter speakers in to see what to do with cabels :)

3.) It will look pretty cool if you ask me. I did put on mesh for speakers just to make sure it will not fall off right away from the speaker box.

4.) I used small caps from an old pc to mount them directly under the BoomBox. Than I covered them with self- adhesive rings for antiscratch (tables...ect..)

5.) I used an old speaker grill to cover decoration speaker hole on the left and right side. Cut it and install them to fit perfectly. Also glued them so it wont fall of right away when I put the speakers to a little higher gear :D

Step 4: Painting the BoomBox With Metalic Color

1-4.) Painted the BoomBox with metalic silver color and leave it hanging over the night in the warm garage. I already put ponge for speaker case isulation in the speaker box and left it inside while i was painting it.

Step 5: Putting All Together and Little Testing

1.) Finally managed to put all the wires together. Hide the crossovers into the speaker box between the sponge speaker case isulation.

2.) I decided to put some decorations with carbon foil on the BoomBox to make it look more attractive. Than I couldn't wait for test it so I stopped with decorating it and decided for little test.

3.) Little TEST (Click on BOOOOM.mp4 to dowload the video sample of BoomBox)

You can hear my family and friends in the background. Sorry for this, but I really wanted to test it as quick as possible :D

Step 6: Finish

Here I am posting last pictures of my BoomBox. I am really looking forward to see your opinions. Hope that you like it!

1-2-3-4.) Finished project on my PC table.

5.) And for the cherry on top I drilled two holes fi 65mm one on the left and one on the right backside of speaker box. Than I added two plastics covers from used CD stand to cover the drilled holes to make it nicer.

Enjoy the Instructables!

Greetings, Dejan

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    6 years ago

    Nice to see more boom boxes with my design out there. Great job!!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you for the inspiration ;)


    Reply 7 years ago

    Nice collection of boombox creations and I am verry happy that you included mine boombox to your collection!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Nice to know you like it!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great looking boombox! I really like the finished look of it. Well done!