Introduction: Boost Your Table Saw for Improved Performance

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Table Saw Zero Tolerance Blade Insert

As part of my entry level saw improvements I needed to make a zero tollerance blade insert because the plastic insert that came with the saw was dangerous,the gap around the blade was to big and any small cut off pieces where falling into the gap and jamming between the blade and the insert and on one occasion a piece got jammed and broke the insert. not a good design.

In this Instructable I'm making a 90 degree but I will need a 90 to 45 degree as well

Step 1: Thicknessing the Stock

I used oak for the insert but you can use any lumber that available,here I'm just putting it through the thicknesser to clean the back side off.

Step 2: Cutting the Insert Down to Size

Getting the final dimensions for the insert, I'm using my sled for the cross cut as I get a better finish than the mitre saw

Step 3: Rebating the Insert on My Table Router

Do this in small increments untill it fits in the insert aperature, I had to remove the blade for this as it was to high even when fully retracted .

Step 4: Winding the Blade Up

I had to do this in 2 stages first with a 8 inch blade the with a 10 inch. I clamped the insert down front and back with a couple of planks

Step 5: The Finished Insert

I had to elongate the saw cut to accommodate the riving knife, I used a hand panel saw.

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Step 6: