Introduction: Bosch IXO IV Stand Modding

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Hi !

This is a Bosch IXO IV stand modding I just finished. I replaced the power cable with a male-female connector.

The Bosch IXO IV is a great little 3.6V screwdriver for small electronics/diy projects (at least that's what I`m using it for), or any other lightweight work around the house. The stand is a great accessory and comes in real handy. You don't throw your screwdriver in the dust/debris or scratch it, if you just put it in its stand all the time.

The thing that bugged me a lot, was that cable that was coming out of the stand, for charging. You don't always charge it in that stand. If you need to charge it, you just attach the dc jack connector and it's charging. It doesn't need to have a wire + mains plug. So I chose to modify it, so it would suit my needs.

Parts needed:

+ male dc jack

+ female dc jack

Tools needed:

+ crimping tools

+ heatshrink tubing(I used 2mm + 5mm)

+ hot glue gun

+ soldering iron/station

+ cutter

+ multimeter(few tests)

+ ~~(optional)~~ magnetic tray for screws

This took about 20 minutes.

Step 1: Stand Disassembly

The picture shows a pcb with two power connectors, the wiring(two wires, gnd + vcc from the charger), and the cable leaving the stand.

Step 2: Carving the Plastic to Fit the Connector

I carved the inner plastic, to make it fit the power female connector.

Step 3: Cutting the Power Cable Jacket

I removed the jacket completely. From both ends. Snip Snip (^_^)

Step 4: Mounting the Female Power Connector

Using the multimeter (just to be 100% sure), I traced the cables from one end, to the power studs.

+ ( Vcc ) - black with white wire

- ( GND ) - black wire

I chose to use the center prong for Vcc, and the other one for GND.

I soldered the wires accordingly.

Step 5: Hot Glueing the Female Connector

I used hot glue to fix the female connector permanently.

Step 6: Soldering the Male Connector

I soldered the male connector to the wiring of the wall charging plug. Again, white with black wire - Vcc, black wire - GND.

Step 7: Testing the Male Connector

Having the male connector attached to the charger, it seems that everything is running just fine, obtaining 7.510V, well withing the output specs of the wall charger (7.5V).

Step 8: This Is How It Looks Like After the Modding Is Complete !!

It really looks like it was there all along !

Step 9: Charging Time!

Now it's charging like a champ. Also, the wall charger is detachable from the screwdriver stand.

Hope this helped!

Please do this at your own risk. I am not responsible if you break your screwdriver, or lose warranty...

Thank you for going through this material !!

Wish you a great day!