Introduction: Bottle Bottom Phone Stand

An easy phone stand transformed from an empty PET bottle for my 6.3" screen Samsung Mega phone.


  1. A 2-litre PET bottle of any soft drink. Selection of bottle size may vary according the phone size.


  1. Cutter
  2. Scissors

Step 1: Cut the Bottle Into Shape

Cut the bottle along the dotted line and the stand is done. Requires no glue, no screw.

Step 2: Place the Phone on Stand

The stand supports 2 orientations.

For Portrait view, rest the phone inside the bottle.

For Landscape view, rest the phone on the notch.

If a smaller bottle is used, both views may need to rest the phone on the notch.

Step 3: Different Viewing Angle

In case of using rubber made protective case, it gives a firm grab between the phone and the stand holding it in the desire angle.

As the base of the stand is round in shape, it gives a flexibility to fit different sizes of phone.

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