Introduction: Bottle Cap Pins II

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Hey guys! I know I already did a tutorial similar to this one back in 2011, but this is an improved version. I've since gotten better supplies. ;)

Step 1: Grab Your Materials!

For this project, you'll need these things:

-"1" circle punch

-Colored card stock

-Pens and pencils


-Mod Podge

-White paint

-Bottle caps

-Cardboard circles

-Tacky Glue

-Nail Polish

-Pin backs

-Wax paper or something else to put the wet caps on

Step 2: Paint Your Caps!

Grab your caps and paint them white. Make sure you place them on wax paper or something so you don't end up with traces of white paint everywhere. Let them dry.

Step 3: Paint Your Caps Again

This time paint the caps with whatever color nail polish you like. I did pink for this tutorial because I'm doing a cancer ribbon but any color will do. I like to start with the flat top part and then do the crimpy outside part. Let dry. If your polish is too thin it may take a lot of coats. So just make sure your polish isn't too thin.

Step 4: Punch Some Circles

Grab your trusty circle punch and your card stock and punch out some circles. I try to match the card stock color to the cap color as closely as I can.

Step 5: Draw Your Design

Draw something simple on your circle. For this tutorial I did a pink cancer ribbon but you can do any simple design you like. Outline your design with your black pen and let it sit for a few minutes. This is so the Mod Podge doesn't smear it in the next step.

Step 6: Flip the Circles!

Flip the paper circle over and paint the back with some Mod Podge. Stick it on the flat outer part of the cap and push gently all around it to ensure that it's fully glued down. Paint over it with Mod Podge and let it dry. Grab a cardboard circle and paint the plain side with Mod Podge. Let dry.

Step 7: Pin Construction!

Put some Tacky Glue inside your cap and place the cardboard circle plain side out in the cap. Let dry. Flip it over so the design is facing you, and paint over it with clear nail polish. This helps make your pin more moisture resistant. I wouldn't wear it in a summer downpour or anything like that but it should resist humidity and normal weather conditions. Mod Podge + water don't mix that well since it is water based. Let it dry again. Glue a pin back on your pin and let dry, then show it off! ;)

Step 8: