Introduction: Bottle Scrap and Rocks Made Mini House

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yoo..on the way to my home i found some rocks..and i pic up some..and i thought overnight what do i do with this rocks..suddenly a plan came to my mind..amd the next morning i started sculpting this mini house.. this is really very easy to do.


for this sculpture you really need
1. a medium size plane bottle and a large size cocacola bottle of different white Orange
3.hammer to break the rocks
4.glue gun
6.card Board for the bottom
7.and lastly battery and light for lighting

Step 1: Bottle Collecting

i have collect these kind of two i added the picture of small sized bottle but i have used exact same shaped bottle of different size.the green bottle i used medium size for the bottom of the hoise and the red one,the Coca-Cola bottle i used large size for the top..

Step 2: Cutting the Bottles

you habe to cut the bottles just like the i added lines and arrows to make it more have to cut the Coca-Cola bottle in both side for the roof of the house..and cutt the plane bottle and cut it as like as door..

Step 3: Collecting Rocks

i have collect these types of is white,grey and kinda orange stone..then I broke them with hammer into small pieces so that i could stick them easily and properly.also i broke some rocks into medium pieces for the door..

Step 4: Bottom

on the bottom side firstly i added some medium rocks in the boarder of the door.. then i added smaller rocks in the whole body..i have used glue gun for applying it is a plastic bottle and the glue gun glue is hot so it stuck hardly on the bottle..

Step 5: Roof

here I made two types of roof.i can't help adding my both imaginations.the first one i made with grey stones.i used glue gun to add the grey rocks on the Coca-Cola bottle.a grey colored roof will be the most suitable for this house so i made this..

secondly i added some small bricks on the roof with glue gun.lately i thought that bricks will also look cool with this i added them guys can choose your favourite one

Step 6: Door

for the door.i have cut the body of the bottle and added toothpicks for the door..then i add rubber band to stick them in its place

Step 7: Adding Battery

in next step i add battery and 2 small lights..for these i have cut cardboard akhn added the batterys there then i added them at the bottom of the house...the battery also has a Switch so i put the head of the switch at the bottom of the card board for easy turn up..

Step 8: Lighting

and here is the light of the night it will give you this kind of sweet light.

Step 9: Conclusion

the house is is really easy to make..please try it..and if you like it press ❀..thank you very much for watching..

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