Introduction: Boulders Beach Candy Ecosystem

Hi, this is a step by step guide on how to build a boulders beach ecosystem out of %100 candy, you can do this for a school project, a topper for a cake or just make it for fun! make sure to have fun :)


cutting board

zip-lock bag (a big one)

gram cracker

blue gummy of choice

marsh mellows

gumdrops (black and orange)


rolling pin

baking tray

Step 1: The Beginning Step 1

before you start anything, get yourself set up! :)

in this step, you will need to take out your gram crackers, zip-lock bag and rolling pin

start off by putting your gram crackers into the zip lock, make sure there is no air inside the bag (or else it will pop) then get your rolling pin and start gently rolling the rolling pin onto the bag. until the gram cracker is just crumbs. this will be your sand :)

Step 2: WAtEr (step 2)

with your blue gummys of choice, cut them in half and put the shiny side upward so that it looks reflective like water. cut with an exacto knine

Step 3: Penguins! (step 3)

you will need to get out your marshmallows, gumdrops, exacto knife and your bowl of water

cut up your black gumdrops into little rectangles, they will be the wings, cut a little circle out of the gumdrops, this will be the head.

to attach the body parts onto the marshmallow, all you need is water! just a drop will be perfect :)

Step 4: Lastly, Assemble!!!

now for this part, its a free for all, you can put the water wherever you want, you can even do the same with the sand! you can use my photos as an inspiration:)

also, use the chocolates as rocks!

make sure to try it out! hope you liked it, bye!

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