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Introduction: Bow Bracelet

I love this bracelet, I invented the charm but I don't know who invented the bracelet but they look awesome together, the charm also looks good with a frilly braid bracelet, comment if you want a tutorial for it!

Step 1: Materials

You will need up to fifty bands 20 of each colour and 2 more for the bows inside. You also need a hook, your loom and a C/S clip.

Step 2: Laying the Bands

Place the bands just like you would with a single zigzagging all the way to the bottom of your loom.

Step 3: Laying More Bands

Now place another single chain on top off the one you just placed. Make sure to push your bands down so that they don't overlap.

Step 4: Cap Bands

Cap off the end of the bracelet.

Step 5: Hooking Process

Push back your cap band, grab the two bands and pull them forward.

Step 6: Finish Hooking

Repeat the hooking process until you reach the end of your loom.

Step 7: Finishing the Bracelet

Take a band and pull it through the bands at the end of the bracelet then add a C/S clip to secure the ends.

Step 8: Pulling It Iff

Pull the bracelet off your loom carefully and get ready to start the bow.

Step 9: Starting Your Bow

Take a 2 bands and place them diagonally to the left and go down 3 times, don't forget to double the bands.

Step 10: Laying Your Bands

Once your finished with the left go down with 3 bands on right.

Step 11: Adding Horizontal Bands

Now add 3 bands going across from the pegs, make sure they're twisted once like cap bands.

*sorry about my camera, didn't know it had flipped!

Step 12: Hooking the Left

Now go to the left side and hook away from the cap band and continue until you've hook all 3 bands on that row.

Step 13: Hooking the Right

Now hook the row on the right.

Step 14: Hooking Your Last Bands

Now hook the last bands diagonally to the right.

Step 15: Slip Knot

Take a band that matches your bow and twist it once into your hook, then pull it through your bands to create a slip knot.

Step 16: Finishing Your Bow

Now using your hook, lift off all the bands on your loom and then take the two bands you want for the inside of your bow and wrap them around as much as you can this depends on what type of bands you're using.

Step 17: Attaching Your Charm

Sorry about the blur in the first pic but basically all I'm doing is sticking my hook through the white bands on my bow and pulling my cap band through it so the bracelet can slide through it. Pull your charm into the middle of your bracelet and secure your ends with a C/S clip.

Step 18: YOUR DONE!!!!

Now slip the is Awesome bracelet unto your wrist and comment about what you think, thanks for using this tutorial!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    oh wow this bracelet is so cool! i made it in green and yellow jelly with a black bow and white middle.

    ps. if u made this then u must like bows! if u like bows, then you should check out my rainbow loom hair bow!

    pps. there's a way to fix the flipped pictures. so u'll go to edit instructable, delete the flipped ones, and re upload them. before you click upload, you can rotate the pictures. hope I helped!