Introduction: Box Drum

This is an incredibly simple project that really only requires 2 materials, wood, and hot glue. (It also helps to have a laser cutter handy)

Step 1: Drawing and Cutting Your Pieces

You first need to draw out your pieces. I used a 6''x5'' rectangle for the top and bottom faces, 6"x2" rectangle for the east and west side faces, and a 4.6"x 2" rectangle for the north and south sides. I used 4.6" to account for my .2" thick wood. I also added a 2" diameter resonation hole to the top face about 2" from the top. You don't have to use these exact dimensions of course, but just make sure you account for overlap. Simply cut your shapes out and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Assembly

This part should be pretty easy. If you accounted for your overlap and got all your pieces roughly the right shape, you can now just glue everything into its rightful place. Don't worry if you have a few holes or cracks. They can easily be sealed off with a nice pump of glue.

Step 3: Decoration

Your drum is now ready to gain a life of its own. Feel free to decorate it with anything you want! After all, it's just a wooden box with a hole in the top. It needs a little more pizzazz. Mine isn't exactly pizzazzy but I did add a rim made out of glue, and I made some little glue feet on the bottom so it doesn't slide around. Have fun with your new BOX DRUM!

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