Box Harp



Introduction: Box Harp

This is the done product.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

•2 inch thick Wood 4 pieces of 2 foot long wood

•screws •sand paper

•5 different paint(up to you)


•Nails(for a nail gun)

•Duck tape

•Conduit brackets

•Paint brush


•Nail gun

•Jig saw

•Screw gun

Step 2: Cut Up the Wood

I use the pencil to draw out on the wood the shape of the top,bottom,and the sides (they all have be able to make a box).After you draw it I use a jig saw to cut the drawn pieces on the wood.(it is up to u on the shape of the wood)

Step 3: Put It All Together.

I put the 3 pieces together for the top.then I put the other 3 pieces for the bottom together. Then I put the bottom,top and sides together. To have the box together.

Step 4: String It

Then I drilled the conduit brackets to the box (you can put it in whatever way you want to).Then I drilled a long rectangle hole in the box.I put strings on the box `from the bracket to a screw.i cut a triangle out of a plastic bottle.

Step 5: Now You Can Play It and Jam Out

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