Introduction: Box Made From Bamboo Chopsticks

Box made from inexpensive bamboo chopsticks

Step 1: Parts

1. A bag of bamboo chopsticks. Bought a large bag for $2 in an Asian supermarket in Queens, NYC
2. Wood glue
3. Masking tape

Step 2: Build Bottom

1. Build the bottom by lining up the chopsticks to as wide as you want it.
2. Use the masking tape to hold the chopsticks together.
3. Glue the chopsticks together. Be sure to put glue over the tape so that it will soak through. You can also use the paper that wraps the chopsticks, but the masking tape it easier.
4. Once it is dry, flip it over and put glue in between the chopsticks.

Step 3: Knead the Glue

1. Put a little glue on your index finger.
2. Rub the glue between your index finger and thumb until the glue becomes a malleable paste.
3. Use this paste to build up the sides of the box with the chopsticks starting with the next step.

Step 4: Use Glue Paste to Build Up Walls

1. Lay out each chopstick, putting a ball of glue paste on either end.
2. Push each end of the chopstick into the glue paste to stabilize the round chopstick.
3. After the paste has dried, add further glue to each joint to strengthen it.
4. Build the walls up as high as you like.
5. Once the walls are built, turn the box on the side to add lines of glue to the joints.

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