Introduction: Boxes for Different Things (screws, Washers, Nails)

This project began with the need to store screws, washers, nuts and other elements I use in my workshop.

Here only the boxes will show in the next instructable I'll show you how I'll take all

Step 1: First Prototype

This was the first prototype but I realized it was too large for the purpose I was looking for.

Step 2: Design a Model for the Laser Cutting.

Use Adobe Illustrator to design drawers.

The measures are 10cm long, 8cm wide and 5cm high.

After having the file is exported to .eps so that the machine can read.

If you want the file leave a message and I will gladly passes by.

Step 3: Time to Glue

Slowly! put glue in the cracks and build patiently. I always beat a little faster thinking I left 20 boxes!

Step 4: Final Result

The end result 20 boxes for my screws.

Step 5: Video


Step 6: Box Plans Ai

this are the plans that enjoy!!!