Introduction: Brand New HEADSETS From JUNK

Make a brand new HEADSETS right From your JUNK or waste bin ..

Step 1: Tools You'l Need

Step 2: Materials You'l Need

Step 3: Preparing the Wire

peel of the insulations and keep it solder ready on all 6 tips .

using an old sketch pen make a small housing for the Stereo jack then using a sharp blade cut a piece of heat shrink tube of same length as the pen piece to secure the housing properly after soldering the wires.

Step 4: Soldering the Wires

Solder the Blackwire to Sleeve of the jack,

Red wire to Ring and

Green wire to Tip. Be careful not to short solder the areas.

Step 5: Twisting the Wire

Well let be honest , its a bit tough job , it does need fare amount of patience to perfect well the girls might get it more considerable better since the same twisting style is used to twist hair by girls.

After soldering all the wires now house it using the old sketch pen piece and heat shrink tubing and make it secure and tie the whole tip along with jack to a solid hook leaving all wires dangling down.

  • Just start with the black wire in the middle and overlap and twist it with the red wire and ending up with red wire in middle .
  • Next, overlap and twist the red wire with green wire ending up with green wire in mid.
  • Next,overlap and twist the green wire with black wire ending up with black wire in mid.

Continue this till you get a straight line 50 cm long .

Step 6: When You Reach 50 Cm

you'l eventually end up with black wire in middle. Now you need four wire in total to continue, so we add a new 10 cm black wire to split the 4 wires in to two to form a "Y" shape .

Cut the insulation of the black wire when u reach 50 cm then carefully without slicing the whole black wire connection then take the 10 cm black wire ,twist and solder it to the sliced portion ,using the heat shrink tubing seal it it.

Step 7: Just Twist the Two - Two Wires

Just twist the black - red wires and black- green wires normally twisting and overlapping on each other .

Step 8: Solder the Wires to the Speakers .

After soldering the speakers fix it to the old head bow ,i used an trashed pair of speaker supports to make a strong and firm hold .and used some cloth form as ear comforts

Step 9: Since the Housing Was Cracked I Used Two Identical Wheels to Stick It to the Housing for Better Looks .

Step 10: Finish It by a Good Clean Up Since Most of the The Things Used Were Picked Up From the Junk Give It a Shine Spray and Just PLUG AND PLAY

Step 11: Junk Is Always Gold .

Have fun making it ...